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Jun 24, 2007 03:10 PM

Maggie's Bakery in North Hollywood

Shockingly, this place has never been mentioned on our boards! Maggie's Bakery is a gorgeous shiny decadent looking place with glinting brass, polished glass, and the kind of lighting that makes you wanna buy stuff. Don't let their address fool you. They're located in a strip mall on the East side of the street on Lankershim, a bit North of Victory.

They have showcases full of hand-made gorgeous little pastries and tons of beautiful baklava. And their cakes look like someone who genuinely cares made them. The prices are great. Less than $2.00 for a "rum roll," which is rich enough and big enough for three people. It is shaped like a cannoli, but it's shell is a disc of chocolate instead of a disc of pastry. It is filled with a thick, RUMMY, extremely rich chocolate fudgy filling, and a bit of chopped nuts for good measure.

I believe that they are open until 9pm everyday except Sunday. I guess they close earlier on Sunday. ...I'll call them and find out their hours for you...

Ok, they're open: Monday-Saturday 7am- 9pm
Sunday 7am- 8pm

Maggie's Bakery
6530 Lankershim Blvd # L
North Hollywood, CA 91606
(818) 506-6265

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There pastries are delicious, beautiful and inexpensive. I love the place.

      They also have meat stuffed dough called pierashkies that are delicious as well. Not something you would expect at a bakery but I pick some up for a quick bite when I am there.

      The strip mall it is in is a parking disaster. The armenian girls that work the counter are super friendly but barely speak english. But who cares. Just point at what you want.

      1. Thanks for the mention. I'd never noticed it until recently, while driving up Lankershim to eat sushi at Chiba a couple of times. I mentioned to my husband that we should stop in and check it out.

        1. Went there this morning. Carb heaven!!! Unfortunately not conducive to hanging out with a cup of coffee. Took out some pirozhkis as well, both potato and meat, still warm, and gobbled them up with my morning coffee. Delicious!! Thanks for your post.

          1. This place deserves another shout-out! That chocolate rum-roll was extraordinary. Terrific baklava. Beautiful looking pastries, cookies and fruit tarts. They obviously do a lot of special occasion cakes. The mini-mall also has an Armenian grocery store with their own seasoned meats and an interesting deli case. Also a kabob restaurant, lots of lamb on their menu. I'll have to come back.

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            1. re: Sandra W

              So glad to hear they are still there and still wonderful! I'll definitely stop in next time I'm in town.