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Iced Coffee

These Dunkin Donuts commercials for iced coffee are giving me cravings, but we don't have Dunkin Donuts in SoCal. Any recommendations for really good iced coffee on the Westside, preferably Venice/SM/MdR area?

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  1. have peets pour a couple of expresso shots in a glass full of ice.

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      Peets has refrigerated ice coffee (drip) so you don't have pb w/ ice diluting coffee/flavor

    2. The chain of restos, "Curry House" make a fantastic iced coffee. They even do an iced coffee float, with ice-cream! Very strong coffee, and all the creamer and sugar syrup a person could ask for!

      I allways get one, when I eat there.

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        LOVE Curry House Iced Coffee-- it is definitely worth a try

      2. Stop at any local 7-Eleven. You make your own drink choosing from many fresh brewed coffees, add any of the many different flavorings, then top it off with ice from the soda dispensing area. Largest cup costs only $1.49 (24 oz.). Can't beat it. You get it exactly the way you want it.

        1. Leonidas ice blended Mocha is so good that I simply will not have any other. I will add that I have tried others but with Leonidas I am unable to remove the straw from my mouth until it is all gone – true bliss. I have never been to the Santa Monica location but there is an address on their web page. I go to the Pasadena location.

          Leonidas Chocolate Café
          331 Santa Monica Blvd.
          Santa Monica , CA 90401-2205
          (310) 917-4496


          1. In Venice, I'd recommend Groundwork on Rose. If you want sweet, they do a mean iced vanilla latte. But they also have strong, refrigerated (and therefore not watered down) iced coffee.

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              Amen! I went to Java N Jazz in Valencia, CA (not ES) and they poured their pretty good Mexican Dark Roast (my choice) over a cup of ice. The result was coffee flavored ice water!

            2. It's all I ever order at both Coffee Bean and Starbucks - Iced Americano (although Coffee Bean now calls it iced coffee even though it isn't because it's espresso, not coffee) with no water. They pour it hot over the ice which dilutes it just enough that extra water isn't needed. At Starbucks, I prefer it to the iced coffee (which is made from cold, double brewed coffee I believe but still doesn't have quite as strong a flavor as the Americano) and I *think* it's a little bit cheaper.

              1. I second the Groundworks rec - either the Main St in SM location or Rose & Lincoln. Both have amazing coffee - hot & cold. The Rose location has ice cream too so they have these awesome coffee shakes - mocha, Mexican w/cinamon, etc etc. I envy that you, that you have Groundworks so close by. They make a great ice blended or frappucino, whatever you call those things too.

                And this is kind of random, but anyone tried the Baskin Robbins coffee-flavored shakes like their cappucino shakes? I keep seeing ads for this but have yet to try one. Is it more Foster's Freeze-level sugar-loaded junk or actually coffee-licious?

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                  It's like coffee bean mocha blast or whatever they call it w/more ice cream

                  not very coffee-y at all, but damn good anyway. i mean seriously, COFFEE AND ICE CREAM how can you go wrong? lol

                2. I'm blanking on the name of that great little coffee shop/cafe on Culver Blvd. just at or beyond Pershing Dr... I love their coffees and pastries...

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                    Tanner's on the south side, or Cafe Milan in the shopping center on the north side of Culver?

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                      Cafe Milan, north side... Tanner's isn't bad tho.

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                      I also like Groundwork's refrigerated coffee that you pour yourself. It's cold-brewed, so you get alot of coffee flavor but very little acid...

                    3. I would recommend any of the Kelly's Coffee & Fudge locations.

                      1. I love the iced coffee at NY Bagel on San Vicente in Brentwood. One of my favorite breakfasts on a hot day is their iced coffee with an everything bagel, scooped and toasted, with butter and tomato. I think they use Groundwork coffee.

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                          I had coffee soda with fat free half n half at a friends house in NY last week. It was pure heaven-tasted like an egg cream but with a cofee kick. I do not remember the name of the product...anyone know and if it is available in L.A.?