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Question about a Particular Carr's Biscuit

There's a particular biscuit that only comes, I think, in the variety pack of Carr's biscuits. It's whole wheat, on the sweet side (almost like a cookie), is about 1/4 inch thick, and has a really nice, crumbly/crispy texture. I think this biscuit is called a "digestive" but I'm not sure. Also, it looks like Carr's only sells these in their variety packs.

Well, my wife loves (!) these, and so I would like to (a) identify them with a higher degree of certainty, and (b) find a source for them (or something similar) that doesn't require me to buy a whole bunch of other crackers. Can anybody confirm I've got the right name for these puppies, and does anyone know if there's a way to buy only these from Carr's or another maker?

TIA hounds.

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  1. Digestive biscuits are a very common snack food available in the UK. McVities is probably the leading brand. Depending upon where you live, you may find them in your local supermarket, typically in the gourmet/ foreign food aisle.

    1. Are you referring to Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers? If so, you can get them from Amazon...


      Also, my supermarket in NYC has them.....

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        Haha weird!! I'm eating them at work right now! THese are insanely addictive. I get them from a gourmet cheese shop here in nyc. I haven't checked supermarkets, but I wouldn't guess they're too hard to find.

      2. I love these, too. You can buy them by the box: Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers.


        1. The digestive biscuit is the second one from the top in the right column in this picture of a box of Carr's Assorted Biscuits for Cheese. You name LA as home in your profile, and I'm certain you can find a cylidrical package of just digestives in a supermarket or cheese shop. Your wife will love you for it.


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              So glad I could help. Look for them in a package about the size of a beer can in the 'fancy' section of your snack aisle or on the 'gourmet' aisle as masha was so quick to suggest. McVities is the originator and standard, but at about $2 per tube, buy enough to make your wife love your chow-give-i-ness.

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                If you want to buy exactly the ones your wife fell in love with, get the Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers. They're in a box just like the Table Water Crackers box, but it's reddish-brown. McVities are tasty as well, but if she loved the Carr's she will love *you* for buying her a whole box. :)

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                  Dont forget to check the cookie aisle for McVitie's. They are more commonly thought of as that in the UK. Not a cracker for cheese. And do try the chocolate coated digestives. You'll eat the whole pack in one go!

            2. I know exactly which ones you are referring to...only in the variety pack.

              I, too, have tried to locate these for purchase by themselves. They are always the first to disappear in the box, so why not buy these??!! But, to date, I have been unsuccessful in finding them -- (sorry, not much help to you). At one point, I did contact Carr's, but I was told that they just don't sell them separately. I do continue to look, however, every time I am in a specialty shop that carries most of their varieties.

              David Kahn, if you do find them outside of this site, please do post your source...thanks!

              By the way, I don't have a box in my cupboard at this time, but the box does give the names of the different crackers...sort of like a candy box!

              1. Does sound like McVities. They're sold at the Continental Shop in S.M. and at Vicente Foods.

                1. this fellow is THE biscuit expert. shoot him an email. Great site!


                  1. McVities makes great digestive biscuits which sounds like what you are talking about. I just wanted to add that they also sell them with chocolate coating on one side. Addictive! I find them once in a while in the International aisle of food stores and there is a shop in Freeport Maine that only sells things from the Great Britain that sell them. Good luck

                    1. YES! I LOVE Carr's whole wheat biscuits, too! My grandfather used to feed them to me, and pretty much restrain me from gobbling up the whole box. I haven' t had them in years and I'm on a mission to track them down myself, so thanks for all the info, everyone!

                      Oh, and I've just called my local BevMo, and they have Carr's whole wheat crackers in stock! Hopefully your local one does, too...

                      1. Count me as another big fan. Yes, they're called Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers (don't be fooled by the word "crackers") and used to be called Wheat Meal Biscuits. I don't know about their inclusion in variety packs but I get them in a single-tube box that's dark red. They're readily available in Seattle in both regular supermarkets as well as in specialty shops. I love them in the fall with pears and Cambazola.

                        1. There are some Spanish/Mexican Maria crackers which are very similar to British digestive biscuits, which can be found in any CA supermarket (there are 2 basic types of Maria crackers--one which is more of a plain cookie, as in vanilla sandwich cookie, and the other a thicker graham cracker style more like the British digestive biscuits).

                          1. Both the Carr's and McVities (several varieties) are available at our World Market...I'd think they're at most...

                            1. You should try the Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers with a slice of smoked Gouda Cheese. So delicious! Also try it with the Gouda AND a pear slice.