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Jun 24, 2007 01:09 PM

Pork Chops past their time?

Hi...I bought some pork chops (thin) at the store last week...they are seasoned and I bought them in the meat dept in the ready to take right home and cook packaging. Here is the rub...I didnt run right home with them and they have been in the fridge for approx 10 days....are they ok to still cook?

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  1. 10 days is a long time. I'd toss them.

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    1. I'd say no, not unless the supermarket has been adding things into their meat that you don't really want to have there... (or they're vacuum-sealed/non-oxygen-packed, in which case the useby date on the packet will reflect it...) Safest to toss them and start over.

      1. NO THEY AREN"T.

        10 days is way too long for unseasoned meat. But grocery stores often marinate or season meat that is going off so that they can move it off the shelf. IMO never a good idea to buy that stuff.

        Your meat is well beyond it's shelflife and needs to be tossed.

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          Second on that, most of the preseasoned stuff is on the bubble already.