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Jun 24, 2007 01:06 PM

Where can I find fresh, flat rice noodles in the Valley?

I'm trying to make Pad Sei Iw, and can't find the right noodles! Can anyone make a recommendation as to where I can find them? The recipe calls for fresh, but is there an alternative to be found that'll work just as well? A point in the direction of a Thai market somewhere near Burbank would be great, if possible! :)

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  1. at the thai market next door to sanamlang, on sherman way, n. hollywood

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    1. You can get them at almost all asian markets. Doesn't have to be a Thai one. 99 Ranch, etc... Not sure what is near you. The noodles are usually in the area where the baked goods are, bread and sweets.

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        The Korean market near me didn't have any, though I didn't look near the baked goods, so I might try again. If not that, I'll probably need to wait til the weekend to get down to Little Tokyo and look.

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          Sorry, Korean markets tend not have them, but the Chinese, Viet, Khmer usually all do.

      2. No need to go all the way to Little Tokyo. I'm sure that Ranch 99 (Victory and Sepulveda) has them. They're usually in a plastic package next to the Chinese breads/pastries.

        If you want just-out-of-the-factory fresh, my parents get theirs from this place in Chinatown, but I don't have the location. They buy it in huge bags by the pound there whenever we need really fresh noodles.