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Jun 24, 2007 12:52 PM

Where can I pick fresh berries in RI or nearby?

I was working out in the Berkshires and every couple of miles there was places to pick fresh berries. That brings back wonderful memories of a child... going to Strawberry Festivals and picking our own strawberries and blueberries. Does anyone know where we can do that here in Rhode Island or nearby southeastern New England?

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  1. Drove home from my sister's place in Lincoln, back to Westchester. There were at least two places on Route 44 in RI or just into CT. Good luck!

    1. Google "Pick Your Own" strawberries - you'll find a nice website, and not just RI.

      1. Here’s a list:

        I like Shartner Farms in Exeter. You need to call to find out what berries are ready (I think it’s Strawberries about now), and the hours may be limited on weekdays. I don’t pick berries, only because I don’t usually have time, but I find it to be a good place for plants, fresh produce and some great fruit and berry pies.

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          Schartner's is my go-to place. I'm a berry picking fool - have already picked over 60 pounds of strawberries this season. My kids are finally getting sick of them, but will be happy when we start in on strawberry shortcake in the winter! Anyway, the strawberries at Schartner's are dwindling down. They were great on Friday, not as good on Saturday, and the heat predicted for this week will probably signal the end of the season. But blueberries are right around the corner, and Schartner's is the best place in the area for picking. They'll be producing all July and well into August.

          Does anyone know of a pick your own raspberry operation in RI?

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            Maple Lane Farms which isn't too far from Foxwoods (57 N.W. Corner Road Preston, CT 06365 (860).889.3766) does rasberries, currents, blackberries and blueberries. They took their peach trees out not too long ago, and later they have 12 or so varieties of apples.

        2. This week's Sakonnet Times has an article on berry-picking in the East Bay, RI area (and one of my recipes and photos); unfortunately, the article is not online. Peckham's on Neck Rd inTiverton, Quonset View Farm in Portsmouth, and Four Town Farm in Seekonk are three pick-your-own locations.

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          1. Jaswell's Farm in Smithfield (RI)

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              We like Jaswell's a lot - we were swimming in delicious pick-our-own blueberries from there early in August.