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Jun 24, 2007 12:30 PM

Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer

I was on the Trader Joe's website late last week at work looking at the Fearless Flyer and now that I'm at home, I want to print it but can no longer locate it at the Trader Joes site. Very frustrating. Did they take it down already or is it buried?

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  1. It's in the lower left corner of the main page:

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    1. re: gido

      Edited to say I found it. Thanks!

    2. I'm reviving this thread because I can't find the fearless flyer on TJ's site? Is it still available online?

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      1. re: madgreek

        Seriously guys? No one gets the flyer online? I doubt it. Speak up please.

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          I don't think that they always have one up. I looked the other day on their website and found nothing. Sometime in the last two months, though, I recall having found the August or September edition on their site.

          1. re: madgreek

            Sign up for the email and then the proper flyer will show up when stores are stocked.

            Right now they are in between- the stuff for autumn and winter is coming into the store but is not all there and there is still summer stuff leftover but not completely stocked as the summer flyer has items that are discontinued.

            Not putting a flyer on the website is a way of not having complaints or questions in the store. Walk in and see what they have.