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Jun 24, 2007 11:21 AM

Best Restaurant Chinese Chicken Salad within 5 miles of MDR?

Or along the coast in Manhattan/Hermosa.

Looking for something tasty and with a not-overly-sweet dressing.

There was one thread last year but not as specific on location:

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  1. In Venice you will find the best CCS anyplace at one of the newest locations of California Chicken Cafe. I ask for extra almonds but request no pasta and no wontons. The dressing is outstanding. Even without the pasta and wontons this is a very large salad and it makes a very filling meal.

    Open Mon thu Sat – Delivery
    Closed Sunday.

    California Chicken Cafe
    424 Lincoln Boulevard
    (South of Rose, North of Venice Boulevard)
    Venice, CA 90291
    (310) 392-3500

    California Chicken Cafe locations & menu

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      1. re: JeetJet

        Thanks - I tried that location Monday and did like the salad quite a bit. Dressing was indeed good. Asked for it without pasta but with wontons, which were fine.

        (OT: but then after I got home there was an injured sparrow in the backyard that I ended up driving from the westside to a rescue place in Burbank! All I could think on the way over was the irony that maybe I'd just dined on a distant cousin.)

      2. Just at the edge of your 5 mile requirement - my favorite Chinese Chicken Salad is at Sushi Roku on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. It's sublime.

        1. This opens a longstanding debate. Some would guide you to Chinois on Main, where it would be scrumptious but tres expensive. That leaves the California Chicken Cafe vs. Feast from the East throwdown.

          I'm not a big fan of California Chicken Cafe. I find it a bit frou-frou, overly costly, and their chinese chicken salad has a dose of peanut butter in the dressing, if I taste correctly. I like Feast from the East (on the west side of Westwood between Olympic and Santa Monica Blvd) much better. It is a cleaner, leaner ginger/oil dressing with romaine, scallions, sliced almonds, and fried crispy wonton strips, wider and lighter than the pretzel-like crispy noodles. They do a lot of takeout so there is shortterm parking in the lot adjacent.

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          1. re: nosh

            Hmm. Not a huge fan of Chinois on Main's variety. But will make note to try Feast from the East.

          2. 26 Beach has one, they call it something else, but it is a chinese chicken salad.

            1. Feast from the East in Westwood, though be warned that it is essentially the only good thing on the menu.

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              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                IMO, the only good thing on their menu are the Spring Rolls (Hot or cold). They are so good. I think the CCS is small and the wontons are greasy. I guess it is a matter of taste.

                1. re: JeetJet

                  OK, and I won't get anything there but chicken salad and spring rolls. And whichever tastes best, I'll eat.

                  1. re: Cinnamon

                    You should try both. The CCS is good at Feast from the East (FFE) but I just like Cal Chicken Cafe (CCC) version better. But those Spring rolls at FFE-- OMG! Try at least one hot whether you eat there or take-out. But be sure to keep a couple for latter and put them in the fridge -- so good. Glad you liked the salad at CCC. After you try the FFE version then you can join the ongoing debate over which one is best -- CCC or FFE.

                    If you have not tried the "The Dianne" (A Chinese chicken salad) at the Green Street Café in Pasadena then the link below is worth keeping just in case you ever find yourself hungry near Pasadena. This is another special salad because of the house dressing, a mountain of shredded lettuce, sliced almonds, shredded white meat chicken and some of those small mandarin oranges. A really big meal -- beyond huge. They do have a half order but get the full size and take the rest home because it is just seems better as a never ending meal (you know, "To be cotinued...").

                    Green Street Café (use map quest because this place can be tricky to