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Jun 24, 2007 10:52 AM

Madison: Brats AND Cheese curds

I'll be driving from Chicago to Minneapolis, and passing through Madison around lunchtime. I'll be saving a lot of room, so I'd like to know one place in Madison where I can get a brat and cheese curds. Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. What day are you driving through? If it happens to be on a Saturday, the Madison's Farmers Market is fantastic. It is on the Square right around the Capitol Building. It is one of the best farmers markets I have been to. There is a variety of cheese makers plus meat vendors. If you are talking about restaurants to get both I'm not sure if there is anything right off the interstate but there are plenty of restaurants off of State street that would fill your request.

    1. nitty gritty. Great curds, not sure about how good the brats are. enjoy!

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        If Brattpowered is going to go all the way to the middle of the city, he (she?) might as well go to State Street Brats at Sate & Francis, a mere 2 blocks from the Nitty Gritty (Johnson & Francis). SSB is in the spot where The Brat House was in my college days, has pretty much the same ambiance, and still has both red and white brats (I think the red are beef and the white are pork or veal, but I've never asked; I always got one of each).

        And while the Gritty is a FAR cry in atmosphere for my days there(I lived upstairs for a while) when anyone from Muddy Waters to members of Jefferson Airplane would stop in to jam with whoever was playing that night, the Gritty burger is still one of the best.

      2. The curds at the Old Fashioned are quite possibly the best in the city. I can't comment on the quality or availability of brats though.

        1. If you're only in Madison for a few hours, I would recommend sitting outside of the Student Union terrace, on the lake. I think it's the only Union in the country that still serves beer. AND, in the summer's they usually have a Brat Cart out on the patio. Buy a huge paper cup of Sprecher beer and sit outside. That's hands-down the best Madison experience.

          1. Remember, there's always room for ice cream! Or, rather, custard.

            Me, I recommend Michael's. (We always stop for Michael's custard when we're anywhere near Madison.)