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Jun 24, 2007 10:11 AM

Oyster Po' Boy at Redbones

Tried something I hadn't had before at Redbones last night, the Po' Boy. Nothing like an authentic New Orleans Po' Boy but a great cheap eats meal nonetheless. A generous pile of beautifully fried oysters that you can shove into the two hot dog rolls (untoasted, unbuttered) that come with it along with a paper cup of tasty-enough chipotle dressing. Came with french fries (hand cut, not frozen, pretty darn good) and better cole slaw than I've had at ECG and Blue Ribbon (why cole slaw is so uninspired at so many otherwise excellent joints is a mystery to ponder another day).
Price for the plate was $10 and I was stuffed. Didn't even have room to steal on of my teenaged son's baby back ribs, which he was quite enjoying. No, it wasn't a New Orleans po' boy -- which would involve french bread and some lettuce -- but it was a light and greaseless New Orleans-worthy fry job -- and a bargain. And while I've read many lots of snipes at Redbone's meats on Chowhound, I was reminded that the loud and friendly atmosphere of the place makes it about the closest to an authentic bbq roadhouse you're gonna find in these parts -- only it's a roadhouse with a fantastic gourmet beer selection.

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  1. Also just tried the Oyster Po'Boy for the first time and they are delicious! I think it's my favorite thing on the menu these days.... :