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Jun 24, 2007 09:53 AM

Indian w/great atmosphere

Hi All,
I've narrowed down the list for a special dinner with our teenage son in Manhattan. He loves traditional Indian food. I need help from list below on good Indian restaurants with a cool atmosphere. Thanks for the help!

Earthen Oven
Brick Lane Curry House

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  1. If atmosphere is what you're after, go to Tabla, though I don't consider them "traditional Indian," but rather New American, with South Asian flourishes. Excellent restaruant, though.

    Devi and Tamarind have somewhat more authentic Indian cred, but they're not quite as pretty inside as Tabla.

    Some places not on your list you might want to consider would be Spice Market (one of the most trendy and splendid-looking places in the city, but not sure it's a place to bring your kid) or Ada (serene and slightly formal).

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      Yago Homo - Spice Market is exactly the type of atmosphere I was looking for except it needs to be Indian :( Any recommendations? Our son has quite a sophisticated palate and almost 18 so more of a young adult . . .

    2. Devi is our favorite Indian restauarnt. The superb cuisine is based on recipes from family and friends of Co-Executive Chef Suvir Saran, but taken to a higher level. The space is large, on two levels, and I'd describe the decor as unique and elegant.

      Our second of two dinners at Tamarind several years ago was very disappointing, but since then, there's been a change of personnel in the kitchen, and many Hounds say the food is currently very good. The decor there is very modern and cool.

      We've eaten on the very nice terrace at Tabla's Bread Bar, but not in the main restaurant. And, btw, the cuisine at Tabla is Indian fusion. So, if you're looking for traditional Indian fare, this would not be the place to find it.

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        If we're talking food alone, I agree that Devi is the best choice and that Suvir does wonders, putting an elegant spin on familiar Indian stalwarts. However, I didn't find their atmosphere/decor anything to write home about.

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          RGR there seems to be more than one Tamarind in Manhattan - which are you referring to? Thanks.