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Jun 24, 2007 09:43 AM

Richardson's or Kimball's?

I I'm looking for a Sunday outing destination. It seems like both of these offer ice cream and mini golf, and are about the same distance from me... is either one better, either for ice cream, or in its atmosphere? Thanks!

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  1. Nothing could possibly beat the mini golf at kimballs, the entire desing, post and beam construction, landscaping, etc... Its the best i have seen anywhere. Even more so then the outrageous ones in florida or on the jersey shore. ICe cream is huge and great too. Lots of bugs if you go at night though

    1. Kimball's on all counts.

        1. We ended up at Richardson's because we left before any replies had been posted - the ice cream was great (I had half coffee oreo and half purple cow) and the atmosphere was nice... though a little more pristine/less rustic than I expected. And bigger than I expected. I will definitely have to check out Kimball's now! How does it compare in these respects?

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