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Jun 24, 2007 09:28 AM

Best Mexican on the Strip

My wife and i will be in Vegas for the week of the 4th and would like to get some upscale mexican while we are there. we have been to the Border Grill and really like it but have been eyeing Diego at the MGM. Has anyone been to both?
Or is there a better place on the strip for upscale Mexican?

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  1. Hi Jeff, I've been to both and I like Border Grill a thousand times better. Diego looks cool but the food was horrible enough for me to write a complaint letter. I'm rarely motivated enough to sit down and write a letter but Diego deserved one. The edges of our cochinita pibil were actually dry from sitting under a heat lamp for too long and the rest of the meal was oversalted and unedible. I did enjoy their coffee served with real chocolate and muscavado sugar though. But man can not live on coffee alone!
    Border Grill has a lively atmosphere and a semi-inventive (though not at all authentic) menu. If you sit outside at Border Grill, make sure to sit AWAY from the door which is constantly opening and closing; It can be very distracting.
    At first, I was elated the host seated my boyfriend and I ahead of a full line of patrons with reservations at Diego (I NLP'd the host a bit). But the meal turned out to be regrettable in every way. I absolutely HATED our waiter who ignored us and acted like we were putting him out at the slightest request. I gave our entire tip to the busser who attended to us more than our server ever did. Beyond that, the food did not meet the most basic expectations of quality, temperature and freshness.
    There's no wait at Border Grill and the staff is friendly and sometimes a little scattered and airheaded.

    If you're hell-bent on trying Diego, I'd say do it for drinks at their bar on one of their music nights.


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      thanks for the input. i think we will stay put at the Border Grill. it will easier for us anyway since we are staying at the MB

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        I haven't been to Diego, but a group of friends of mine went and although they didn't have all the service issues Poly describes, felt the food was subpar. I haven't found any upscale Mexican places that delighted me in LV, but there are plenty of less expensive options with much better food.

      2. La Isla at IT is the best Mexican on the strip. This coming from a Mexican and their sangias are the best!

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        1. I was just surfing around and saw this post. I have eaten at Border Grill once. While it was good, it wasn't even close to the reputation it carries. Again the food wasn't bad, but I have had much better quite often.