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Need recommendations for books on plating/food presentation

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Hello. I'm not looking for a cookbook but more of a book that deals with plating and food presentation -- things like theories about plating, the art of food presentation, etc. as opposed to something like Portale's cookbooks which showcase stunning presentations. Anybody have any leads?

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  1. "working the plate" by christopher styler and david lazarus is a good place to start.

    1. You can try this link which is an Amazon search for "food presentation"



      1. Have you found any great books regarding plating/food presenation?

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          Unfortunately no. I have the Working the Plate book which I find just OK. Hannaone's link leads me to a relatively new book called Food Presentation Secrets. That may be promising.

        2. There are nice books on garnishing, involving minimal vegetable-whittling to create attractive accents. Jacques Pepin includes some in his videos and I'm sure there are other DVDs, particularly in the area of Chinese and Japanese food.