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Jun 24, 2007 08:35 AM

Chinese banquet for rehearsal dinner

I am planning to have a Chinese family style banquet for my rehearsal dinner for out of town family and friends. I hope to have a 10+ dish Cantonese style meal for my guests. I have not had the opportunity to try this style of eating in the Seattle area since I have only lived here a short while. I tried a pre-set menu meal at Noble Court in Bellevue for Chinese New Year, but was not impressed.

I would appreciate any suggestions for restaurants either in Seattle or Bellevue. I plan to take my dad (who is the ultimate judge) to try several restaurants before picking one for the rehearsal dinner.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We had a good dinner for 20 last year at T&T Seafood in the 99 Ranch mall in Edmonds (hwy 99).


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      We must've tried 10 different Chinese restaurants looking for somewhere to have our rehearsal dinner. We had the problem of the places with the best food didn't have the best decor, and vice versa. In the end, we just ended up getting takeout from T&T and had our rehearsal dinner at home. Good luck!

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        a good friend with multiple degrees in asian studies who speaks several chinese dialects once explained this decorating phenomenon to me - yes, kelisaw is not alone in noticing it - as being merely a difference in oriental/occidental aesthetics and the fact that most chinese view the spending of money on making a restaurant nicer than it needs to be for minimal functioning to be a huge waste. as skeptical as i was, i have had so many of my best chinese meals in places which were formica and fluorescent nighmares (especially in cities with large chinatowns like vancouver and san francisco) that i have take to thinking of bad decor as an indicator of culinary possibilities. another good thing to look for is calligraphic characters handwritten on pieces of construction paper taped to the walls advertising the day's specials - which occasionally (but not often enough) include english translations. both of these indicators can be found to good effect at chiang's gourmet on lake city way and at ho-ho in the international district; oddly, neither is to be found at yea's wok in newcastle which i recommended to chillywilly for his dinner but, rest assured, it breaks this particular rule.

    2. We had a pre-ordered birthday dinner at Yeas Wok a few years ago that was very good:

      (425) 644-5546

      6969 Coal Creek Pkwy SE

      I haven't been there recently . . .
      Newcastle, WA 98059

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        second the motion for yea's wok where peter has prepared numerous banquet meals for me over the years without ever fostering a complaint - even managed one completely vegetarian feast - his newest room additon is all large tables with central turntables for just such wonderful meals

      2. I guess the question is are you really looking for an authentic Chinese banquet with the types of food that goes with it. Or are you looking for good chinese food where you can order all your favorite dishes and sit at big tables and share? A real Chinese banquet has a number of dishes (odd number) that are traditionally served. The other thing is that the atmosphere in most of the real banquet place is not going to be that great.

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          At T&T we looked into ordering selected items, but decided in the end just to order 2 of of their dinners-for-10. We sat at 2 of their large round tables. Atmosphere isn't that fancy or private, but once the food starts arriving, it takes center stage. Their prawns with walnuts are a good start for most guests. My only complaint was that the star dish, the garlicky fried crab, came last, when everyone was full.