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Jun 24, 2007 08:29 AM

okay foodies top 5

fine dining restaurants in the city: San Francisco PROPER.
I'm leaving in six months and I have to make sure to hit them all...

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    1. It will be helpful to know where you've already been (and liked).

      Also - can you define "fine dining"? Do you necessarily have to have a swanky interior? The criticism of many of the upscale restaurants in SF proper is that they could be found in any major city. Are you interested in the excellent low- and mid- range restaurants that you may not be able to find after you move?

      And - where are you moving too? That will help identify styles/cuisines that you may not be able to find in your new city.

      Finally - I see ccweb linked the very active "Top 5" thread - mostly covers mid-range restaurants - great place to start.

      1. Cynthia, this is where it helps to report back when you ask for tips on Chowhound. We get to know your taste and what to recommend to you. All I know from your posts was you didn't like Polong Lounge and you have been to Gary Danko. Don't know if you liked that or not. Never heard back if you wen to Zuni and how you liked it or what steakhouse you chose for your birthday and if you thought it was excellent or just 'meh'.

        You might let us know where you have eaten or what you like or didn't like. I see from one posts you went to Aqua and have been working through the Michelin Guide. That's fine and the foodie aproach but maybe if you tell us more about your tastes you can leave with some memorable tastes not just a checklist from a guidebook.

        For me I would say the you can't leave without trying The Dining Room at the Ritz. Not only is it one you;'ll find in all the books, it's actually good.

        I liked Michael Minna a lot. Others on the boad not so much. However if you want to hit all the top spots, you'll go to Minna.

        Do you mean strictly fine dining or upscale. With truly fine dining the choices are a handful and listed in that link and every guidebook. To the above list add fleur de lys. There aren't enough reports to determine if Fifth Floor, Campton Place and Masa still qualify.

        If you mean upscale then the usual suspects like Boulevard, Slanted Door, any number of restaurants on the board.

        Personally, I'd be sure to hit Aziza before leaving though while it is upscale is unique wonderful food that probably isn't in Michelin.

        Anyway hope you will tell us a little more of what you are looking for ... for your own dining pleasure.

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          Talk about your harsh taskmistress!!! ;+)

          Great post, though, rwo.

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