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Jun 24, 2007 07:40 AM

Fresh Direct: Favorite heat and eat or ready to cook item to get

Fresh Direct has been upping their choices of ready to heat or cook items; i wonder whether anyone has tried their soups, kabobs, pastas, rosa mexicano or michael stark dinners.
I love their Tang's whole wheat soba noodles. I eat it with a soba noodle soy base I bought from a japanese grocery store.
I recently discovered they sell cooked brown rice and am looking forward to ewcwiving my first order.

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  1. The frozen whole wheat baguette is very good. So are the criossants, excellent actually. But, I stopped ordering from there when they started charging a "fuel surcharge" on top of the delivery $5 fee at that time. I can use the $8-10 to buy actual FOOD someplace else.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. We've tried 2 Rosa Mexicano items - Fresh Dining beef enchiladas and ready to cook shrimp. Both were very spicy - so spicy that I wouldn't order them again. Thought the partnership was a good idea, though.

        Of the fresh dining meals, our favorites are the chicken cacciatore (w/ gnoci), chilean seabass (w/ potatoes and broccoli rabe), and salmon (w/ potatoes and asparagus).

        I haven't ordered many other ready to cook items. The prep work they do doesn't seem worth the price compared to just meat, chicken or pastas purchased separately.

        1. Hi Dandel,
          I'm a reporter based in NYC and I'm doing research on Fresh Direct fuel surcharge. Could we connect to talk about it? looking forward to hearing from you !

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            Dandel posted this in 2007 and doesn't seem to have posted in the past 5 years.