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Nov 21, 2005 04:00 PM

Recommended Thanksgiving Restaurant in SF / Oakland / Berkeley?

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I'm looking for a moderately priced restaurant serving Thanksgiving dinner in SF/Oakland/Berkeley. If they have gluten-free options, that would be a definite plus. RSVP on short notice would also (obviously) be good. Thanks!

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  1. Open Table has a list of restaurants that are open Thanksgiving, with notations about special menus, etc.

    You might want to look at that, narrow it down to some choices and then come back with more specific questions.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler
      Andrew in Oakland

      Here are some I'm looking at from Open Table:

      Jack's Bistro (Jack London Square)
      Garibaldi's on College (Rockridge)
      Montclair Bistro (Montclair - Oakland)
      Skates on the Bay (Berkeley Marina)

      Any thoughts on food quality? Looks like all have variety in their menus, and Jack's seems most reasonably priced. Would welcome your thoughts.

      1. re: Andrew in Oakland

        Of that list, Garabaldi's may have the best food, though it has been a *long* time since I've eaten there. There is a fairly recent link on Skates on the Bay (see below). Not awful, but nothing exciting either. Personally, I've had bad luck with service at Jack's Bistro on the few times I've been for business lunches. (sloooowww). Only one I haven't tried is the Montclair Bistro....


        1. re: susancinsf

          I haven't eaten at Montclair Bistro either, but that's because I haven't heard anything good about it. Ditto for Jack's Bistro.

          I agree with Susan that Garibaldi's is the best bet foodwise. Skates isn't bad -- it's fairly competent American bar-grill-seafood house standards (as usual with this type of place, I suggest sticking to classic dishes and preps and steering clear of anything "fancy" or "exotic"), and the view is certainly lovely.