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Jun 24, 2007 06:21 AM

Place to get picnic food in Northampton?

Hi - any recommendations for a spot to get good take-out/picnic type food in or around Northampton this afternoon? We're coming up 91 from the south.


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  1. Better Tyme deli (used to be called Good Thyme Deli)
    186 Main St, Northampton, MA 01060, (413) 584-6195
    this is in northhampton proper and close to 91 -- good deli food - don't know where you'd picnic nearby really.

    off the beaten path known as 91 ... Bub's BBQ. 91N to exit 19, right onto Rt 9E, go a few miles, left onto 116 North, and Bub's is about 5 miles up the road on 116. to mapquest use this address: 676 Amherst Rd, Sunderland, MA. they have picnic tables or you can take it to go. they have ribs, chicken, sides etc.

    If you're trying to get to a destination in a hurry, go to the deli. If you're looking to explore western mass in a leisurely way, go to Bub's

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      Thanks. We're actually headed to a concert at the Pines, so Bubs might be an option.

    2. Woodstar Cafe on Masonic St, Noho is the obvious choice. Great reputation and perfect for take-out.