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Jun 24, 2007 03:06 AM

Atlanta to Savannah I-75/I-16 Roadfood

We travel this route often and would like suggestions for inexpensive fast lunch or dinner. Usually eat at S&S cafeteria in Macon. Thanks!

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  1. Fresh Air Barbeque is fabulous. Going south, get off at the Riverside Drive exit (a mile or two before you hit I-16), bear right and take a left at the traffic light. It's probably less than half a mile before you'll see a strip mall. There's a Longhorn Steakhouse close to the road and Fresh Air's back to the left in the strip mall behind Longhorn. Their Brunswick stew is really good, too.

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      The original Fresh Air is also convenient. It is south of Jackson, on US 23 near Flovilla. We usually drive straight south on US 23 to Macon and pick the interstate back up at that point. Another very good place for lunch is Peppercorn in downtown Dublin.

      1. re: Milt

        Didn't know there was a downtown Dublin! I'll have to venture further off 16.

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          I-16 passes on the south side of Dublin. The short drive north to downtown is well worth it. We stopped at Peppercorn in late December, on our way to Fernandina Beach to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Our lunch was very enjoyable. When we got to the b&b where we were staying, we met another couple and started talking. They had eaten at Peppercorn when they were in Dublin a few months earlier and were also very impressed with the "find". Previously, I had thought the Dublin McDonald's was the only food between Macon and Savannah.

          1. re: Milt

            How would you describe Peppercorn?

            1. re: beteez

              Peppercorn was where we had lunch. They had several sandwich, soup, and salad choices. The desserts we tried were more interesting than delicious. Order at the counter, pay for your meal, then when it is ready it is brought to your table. Very casual, with what appeared to be local customers. We seemed to be the only non-local people in the place.

    2. Chalk up another Fresh Air vote. 3 years ago I was stuck in central GA for a week on business and stumbled upon a Chowhound recommendation for Fresh Air bbq. The next day I re-routed my drive home to hit the Jackson restaurant and I've been consulting these boards for my travels ever since.

      I also recommend Buckner's Family Restaurant in Jackson for a great homestyle buffet. It's about $12 AYCE and you sit at a big table with a lazy susan and a bunch of people you don't know. Good fried chicken, brunswick stew, sides and cobbler. Google it for more reviews and pictures.

      1. If you are coming from north of the city, or you just get a late start like we always seem to do, try OB's BBQ in Mcdonough. It is an easy on/off from 75 and the pulled pork sandwiches and onion rings are the best I've had. Especially if you top the pork with coleslaw.

        Note: if you poke around on line for reviews there are some complaints about the service. We always get our orders to go, directly from the pit shack in the back - just drive around back. If they are not open, you can pull around to the front and get take-out there The one time we ate in the restaurant, I don't remember especially enjoying the atmosphere (although do check out the well-meaning but obviously amateur mural just inside the front door).