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Jun 23, 2007 10:31 PM

Going to Pinetop in a couple of weekends should we cook or dine out? any suggestions?


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  1. um... there is always Charlie Clark's Steakhouse. It's the cities "hotspot." There is another place on the main highway that I forget the name of but it is a mainstay as well. Taco Bell, McDonald's, etc. are the other establishments. And if it still there, there is a restaurant named after dogs that is in a prefab building that does AMAZING chorizo and eggs for breakfast.

    1. The Christmas Tree is always a nice choice. Probably the best restaurant in the White Mountains. The Chicken and Dumplings are exceptional.

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      1. re: Seth Chadwick

        Don't Miss Annie's Tea Room for Lunch.....wonderful Quiche, Salads, homemade baked goods......Daily Specials!
        Love their Sandwich trio w/ Meatloaf and their homemade Ham and Chicken salads!
        Sit outside and enjoy a fresh brewed iced tea or homade lemonade....w/ your lunch!
        They have a very cute gift shop as well....very unique items!
        2849 Rte. 260 (White Mtn. Blvd), Lakeside (928)368-5737

        Have also heard some terrific things about Mama Bears which is open for Breakfast Lunch and is owned by Janine Ford...the former Phoenix Channel 12 News anchor.....
        Hearty County Breakfasts and American Fare.....
        2251 W White Mountain Blvd
        (928) 368-2251

        We have also dined @ Hon Dah Casino.....and it was very nice.
        Have not tried the buffet......
        Dinner was classic American fare......but the preparation and presentation was very nice....
        Their Breakfast menu looks really good!!!

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          I hate to report Annie's is no longer open...I loved their little toasted cheese bites! And they had great pie. Oh well...

          But one of my favorite meals is lunch at Eddies Country Store across the street from Charlie's -- the applewood smoked bacon cheeseburger is good eatin'.

      2. It all depends on what kind of food you are looking for. My parents have a cabin in Pinetop so I spend a lot of time there year round. I would not recommend Charlie Clarks. If you know what a good steak is you will be disappointed in the amount of money you spend for a below average steak.

        These are my recommendations:
        The Lodge Sports Bar and Grill - great burgers!!
        Los Corrales - very good Mexican food
        Kabuki - unique Japanese restaurant. The owners are wonderful and fun to talk to. They run a great restaurant and only buy the best cuts of meat and seafood.
        Eddies Country Store - there is a small sandwich shop in the rear of the grocery store and they make some great sandwiches and also a good place to stop for breakfast.

        I've heard Munich Haus has great German food but I haven't made it there quite yet.
        As Seth stated, The Christmas Tree Restaurant is very good. The Chicken and Dumplings is their signature dish and got them onto the Food Network several years back.

        Let us know where you go and how you like it!

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        1. re: scorpioscuba

          Thanks so much I am going with a foodie couple and I know we will prob cook some good steaks one night and maybe eat the next night out. But I definately needed some ideas on bkfst and lunch. good coffee and by the way how id the hondah casino?

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            I agree with you about C. Clark's. Like you, my parents have a cabin up in Pinetop and so I have been to CC's many times over the years. It use to be fantastic and a "do not miss" type of place. However, the last two times I was there I was frustrated by the lack of quality in the food and the price creep that put CC's in the very expensive range for the White Mountains.

            While I still love the interior and have fond memories of the place, it seems to be a shadow of its former self.

            1. re: Seth Chadwick

              Yep, I agree. Charlie Clark's use to be the one and only place to go. It's gone down hill in the last 5 years or so. We used to camp a lot at Reservation lake and all ways made sure on the way back home to stop here. Now they are way over priced and not that great. No reason now to stop there.

          2. Don't know if you've already been there and back (you probably already have), but we were up last weekend and were introduced to a really great little restaurant in Show Low called High In The Pines Deli. I guess in the day time they have sandwiches, but we were there for dinner and it was really good (good for the White Mountains, and also just plain good!). The dinner menu consisted of (I'm going from memory here, so forgive me) a roast chicken on Israeli cous cous, I had the basil crusted salmon (salmon with pesto) with a spring mix salad (delicious!), there was a veggie plate that looked good, as did the crab cakes. But they had a little of everything and a really yummy looking dessert case. Don't know if they made anything on site (dessert wise) but I have to say I was really impressed. I don't think they serve beer and wine, but it might be BYOB. The guy a couple tables over brought his own bud, but it is Show Low, after all.

            Anyhow, if you've already taken your trip, hope you found some good chow. If you haven't, give this place a try. I hope it lasts up there.

            High In the Pines Delicatessen
            1191 E Hall, Show Low, AZ 85901

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            1. re: KrissyDee

              Sal and Teresa's Mexican Restaurant is so good too.

            2. We ate at Kabuki a couple of weekends ago and it was good. They have tepanyaki and sushi. The seven of us (3 kids under 6 years old) ate a tepanyaki table. Everyone (including the kids) had a great time, and I was surprised at the quality of the food. The steak, chicken and shrimp were all delicious and cooked properly. The sushi and sashimi were fresh, and they have a well priced saki list. The restaurant is huge, and it's a great place to take the kids.