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Jun 23, 2007 10:28 PM

1982 Beychevelle

I have ended my lease on my wine locker and have entered into a phase of consumption. Tonight, I decided that it was time to open the 1982 Beychevelle. I was pleasantly surprised on how youthful it seemed. Even the color was not as mature as I had imagined, a nice light ruby red. Still, this wine is peaking.

If you have any, drink it now and enjoy!

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  1. How interesting that you should share this!! I have been researching '82 wines to celebrate my b-day (born in '82, kitschy somewhat, but I thought it would be fun) and this one got rave reviews and was decently priced. I think you just solidified my decision!!

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      Hey there, cocktailqueen77! That sounds like a great idea.

      The '82's were just coming out when I started collecting. :-) Here are some tasting notes posted online that I agree with regarding this wine. Mind you, these were from three years ago, but still applicable. The Beychevelle is listed near the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

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        1982 is a great vintage in Bordeaux. There's a lot of well-made wines to choose from that are drinking well now or are still in good shape for future consumption.