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Jun 23, 2007 10:25 PM

Need help picking out places to dine late Sept in Kauai I love all good food


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  1. Might want to have a look at:, for some high-end reviews on Kaua`i (Poipu Area). They are the first several of about 14 reviews in that thread.

    For more "family-oriented" fare, there have been some excellent threads over the last few months, that will fill in the blanks. There have also been a half-dozen threads on N. Kaua`i dining, though the results of those dining experiences seem to be less rewarding.


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      thanks, i realized there was a blog on kauai but wanted a couple of newer posts.

      1. re: drewb123

        I'm sorry, drewb123, but I do not understand your comment. The reviews that I cited are from Chowhound and were posted in Nov, '06, less than six months back. The suggestions for a Search on Chowhound>Elsewhere in America will reveal some reviews (some of the same, and some of similar) of restaurants on Kaua`i. None of these is from a 'blog. Now, if you want last month's reviews, well, I have not seen too many. Other than the Plantation Gardens posts (fairly recent, but could be 60-90 days ago), most of the reviews are 6+ months back. While a restaurant can certainly change, night to night, you are not likely to find reviews that were done the day before you leave for your trip.


      2. re: Bill Hunt

        Wow...I just read your wonderfully thorough and detailed review. Thank you! I wish I could eat like you did. This will surely come in handy for me!

        1. re: slowfoodgrrl

          I was on Kaui last week but stayed on the north (Princeville/Hanalei) end, not south (Poipu) end. In Hanalei, Postcards is very good (vegetarian plus seafood) and Polynesia Cafe is truly terrible. Pick up the latest copy of 'The Ultimate Kaui Guidebook" and you won't go wrong.