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Jun 23, 2007 09:13 PM

Good Breakfast in Old Montreal

Hello to all you beautiful people!

I am staying in Old Montreal for the Jazz Festival next weekend.
We will be going to Olive and Gourmando (are they closed on Sunday?, Monday? for the July
1 holiday???)
I am looking for another breakfast place that serves eggs. Nothing too fancy, something midrange. I thought of Eggspectations...but dont know of anything else.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Haloo! Unfortunately, Olive et Gourmando is closed on both Sundays *and* Mondays!

    They also tend to close for a few weeks of summer vacation - if I recall correctly from the days I used to work around the corner - but I don't know when that is this year. If you happen to be there on a Friday and they're open, I highly suggest the ultra-decadent Valhrona chocolate brioche - or perhaps they're making it more than just once a week these days!

    For brunch you might want to check out Le Cartet on McGill St. which I've heard great things about (but have only been to for lunch)....

    106 McGill, 514-871-8887 - call to see if they're open on Canada Day

    Finally, I know this isn't exactly what you asked for, but if you like dim sum keep in mind that Chinatown is a hop, skip and a jump from Old Montreal and is *always* open, holiday or not. My favourite dim sum is Lotte Furama - 1115 Clark, second floor. I've also heard great things about Kam Fung - 1071 & 1111 St-Urbain #M05.

    Enjoy your stay in Montreal!

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      We have always enjoyed Egg Spectations (several locations, I'm not a local but I'm sure you can be guided to the closest one).

      1. re: TonyO

        There is indeed an Eggspectation at 201 St. Jacques Street West in Old Montreal, but I've found it to be a sub-par chain so I wouldn't recommend it. Mind you, I haven't been in a while so maybe it's improved.

        1. re: TonyO

          I may go to egg spectations one of the days..I would probably order eggs and dry rye That really is a simple but favorite bfast of mine. How bad can it be?

        2. re: kpzoo

          Wonderful suggestions..I will call Le Cartet and will definately go to olive and gourmando on friday for the brioche, sounds FABULOUS.

          Dim Sum was fun when I went about 10 years ago, these days I am afraid of food like that.
          I would probably need an expert dim sum person with me, and I would want to eat only
          vegetarian. I recall that it was difficulty understanding the waiters at the restaurant I went to here in Chinatown, Toronto.

          Again, thank you

        3. Has anyone tried the cafe (open at 7 am) Aszu advertizes on its webpage?

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          1. re: Fritzy

            Great I will check it out..Thanks!