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Jun 23, 2007 08:32 PM

Indonesian food in Florida

Hey everyone! Anybody know about any indonesian food in Palm beach/Broward county??? I know abou Indomania, was just wondering about anything closer...

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  1. I don't think we'll have much luck. I'm originally from the DC metropolitan area where there is a greater Indonesian population. But I became curious to find a small Indonesian culture in FL. I've also been searching for an Indonesian (or at least a Malaysian) restaurant in the same counties as well. You'll only end up encountering Thai cuisine in the area. I've never heard of Indomania, but I see that it's in Miami. I also visit the Orlando area sometimes and I am interested in visiting Asia Bagus at 2923 Vineland Road, Kissimmee. The menu is filled with dishes from Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia (unfortunately they serve sushi too). I'm mostly interested because they have es cendol and I love shaved ice desserts..heh. It's even farther though. Sorry, but I guess I didn't help much.

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      Thanx! I know it sucks! I'm from Holland and at home you get drowned in Indonesian food! every chinese restaurant has also indonesian food. It's so good and flavorful (malaysian is good too, as you said, similar) I guess it is misunderstood in the US??? Even NYC has only 3 indonesian restaurants....... missing out on so much!

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        I've eaten at Asia Bagus and it is quite good. I don't recall the sushi, however, perhaps I'm deliberately surpressing the idea or they have added it since my visits.


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          Unfortunately, Asia Bagus is now closed.

      2. Bali Cafe - 109 NE 2nd Ave 358-5751, M-F 11-3:30, 6-10. Sat-Sun 11a-3p.

        I am surprised nobody has mentioned this one, although in Miami. Search for Bali Miami on the boards for comments.

        New Times article:

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          I'm definitely am going to have to try Bali Cafe soon! I'm in downtown Miami so it's perfect for me!

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            I've eaten there a few times. It's real!

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              It's the best!! I am so glad they are now open for dinner as well.

        2. Tried Bali Cafe last week for lunch and just wanted to quickly report that it was, in our opinion, fabu (extremely fabulous ;-)). After driving around forever trying to find it (we didn't have an exact address and google on our phones wouldn't return any??? still can't understand), passing in front of it several times, and finally spotting it ;-), we sat in their very strange but somehow cozy little restaurant and ordered chicken dumplings, the Longtong Cap Go Mah- chicken curry with beef rendang, the Soto Betawi -beef soup in a milk broth, mango and purple yam ice cream. That soup was one of he best flavored soups I have ever had. The beef in it was a bit tough, but the flavors made up for it.Yes we basically had to roll out of there but everything was delicious. A little heavy, and probably not good for a power lunch if you work downtown, but it was worth it for us. Thanks everyone for your recommendation.

          1. I know it's an old topic but I wanted to bump it to see if anyone knows if any new Indonesian places have sprung up in the past 18 months or so. I tried Bali Cafe on a weekend, found the food pretty good but I was really hoping to have some Mee or Nasi Goreng and neither were offered there, ( I asked), so I came away disappointed. Anyone know of anything else?

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              It somehow eluded mention on this thread earlier but the food at Indomania on South Beach is excellent.

              Here was my take on it->


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                Hey Frod - that sounds what I'm looking for - cheers :)

            2. Hey there.
              Just recently checked out Indomania in Miami. It is a small restaurant/cafe in a first floor of what appear to be some hotel. Nothing fancy, but the food is good. Decent size menu with popular dishes, and rijsttafel menu also available. We tried the $30/person option, with mixed review. Not to crazy for the Bakmi or Nasi Goreng, but the rest are OK. Final bill for two was $80 before tip, that includes non-alcoholic drinks, plus an order of Sate Kambing (4 sticks)
              Asia Bagus in Orlando was much better as far as food goes. We have been visiting once/twice every year whenever we are in Orlando. Best rijsttafel ever...., but behold, during our last visit this past week (May '10), the restaurant had seized to exist! It is no longer there, replaced by a boring Pizzeria!!! We were lost without a word. What do we do now? Awkwardly enough, their website is still working, but no new contact number or email is available.
              I am going to check out Bali Cafe soon. I will post my visit as soon as possible. In a meanwhile, does anybody knows where else can we go???