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Jun 23, 2007 08:25 PM

Spotted Prawns? Oysters? Fresh seafood in Vancouver?

Walking around the Granville Public Market today I spotted lots of great fresh spotted prawns and seafood for sale at fish counters, but I'm a visitor to the city and don't have means of cooking my own seafood (I wish I could though!).
Where in the city can I go for some really great, simply prepared, fresh local seafood? I don't mind getting my hands dirty at a seaside shack. Love raw oysters and after seeing the spotted shrimp I would love to try some. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. If you were @ Granville island then Go Fish was a 3 minute walk away-easily the best you'll ever have in this town the place is a gem.

    It's a shack in the parking lot of Fisherman's Wharf-just to the west of GI access is easy via the waterfront promenade.

    Closed Mondays.

    The other place you see-Tony's Fish & Oyster Cafe 1511 Anderson St on GI-has had some positive reviews of late.

    Other than that there are all kinds of high end places like Blue Water to drop a bundle if that appeals.

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    1. If you really wanted to dirty your hands - and really don't want to wait in line at the excellent Go Fish - you could go to the fish stores on Granville Island, pick your own beast and have them cook it for you while you go buy a lemon and some bread. Then you could drag it off for a picnic in the busy or secluded spot of your choice. The opposite end of the Island (near the hotel) has some lovely spots. The Lobster Man will cook crabs and lobster, maybe other shellfish too. I'm not sure if the fish stores IN the market are set up to.

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        No Fish Shops in the Market do that kind of thing.