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Jun 23, 2007 07:45 PM

Sogo Sushi Red Bank

A new sushi place moved in town called Sogo Sushi at 60 Monmouth Street. What sets it apart from other sushi is that it is made with brown rice. No white rice used in anything.

I had the Sogo Special Salad (spinach, romaine, asparagus, avocado) and special eel roll. He had an order of smoked salmon sashimi and spicy & spicy roll. My salad was kinda blah, but the rolls were quite yummy.

While not necessarily a sit down joint, there are two small tables in there (which we took advantage of). So if you’re looking to sit down with a large group this is not an option for you. However, if you want good sushi for take-out then I would suggest it. Delivery is available for lunch only with order of over $15.00.

Link to picture slideshow at my blog:

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  1. DJMarilyn, thanks for the report. I had lunch at Sogo recently. I also "ate in" at the little table. I think those tiny tables are really meant to be a waiting area. The place is set up for take-out / delivery. It's very small, and well-designed for its purpose. They use all disposable dishes/utensils/packaging. Located across the driveway from Teak -- where the military recruiter used to be.

    I had the $8.95 maki roll lunch: 2 maki rolls chosen from a list of 13, soup, and salad. I told them I was eating in, but they still packed everything "to go" with plastic lids, etc.
    I have never liked brown rice in sushi, but I love the brown rice at Sogo. Great flavor and texture that complemented the fish nicely. Overall the maki rolls were OK. The fish and other contents were fresh and of adequate quality. It's better than Whole foods sushi counter, but not as good as the better local sushi restaurants.

    The salad was mediocre... chopped romaine from a bag and some carrot slivers. The soup was typical miso soup, but I just can't abide clear soups in foam cups.

    The place was doing a brisk take-out and delivery business. I think they have a good business model. The good brown rice makes them unique, the quality of the other food is good enough. If I worked in Red Bank, I'm sure I would enjoy the convenience of take-out from Sogo once in awhile. But I would avoid the soup and salad.

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      Yeah when we ordered and I pointed out the tables, they said we could sit there and eat if we wanted to. So we did.

      I agree with everything you said. The brown rice, in this case, works very well. I have to admit, I was leery. I wouldn't say it was the best sushi I've ever had, but certainly not the worst.

      I'll definitely consider it in the future for take-out, for sure.

    2. Contact info:

      Sogo Sushi
      60 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

      1. I posted some pictures.

        And I also heard the owners are planning on opening a sit-down restaurant in 2008 in some other location.

        Sogo Sushi
        60 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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          DJMarilyn,Thanks for the post. Actully I am really glad Sogo Sushi doing the Brown rice. I have diabetes problem and doctor warm me that I can not have sushi with white rice and the Whole Food brown rice sushi taste bad. Sogo sushi give me a place that I can enjoy sushi again.

        2. Popped in here last week for a quick lunch while I was window shopping in Red Bank. I wasn't familiar at all with this place and was pleasantly surprised. Had two rolls, salmon with scallions and spider. Both were quite good. I'd definitely return here next time I'm in the area.

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            I am not a fan of raw fish.... but, Sogo Sushi had a sweet potato tempura roll. It was quite good! It made me even want to try their other stuff. The brown rice is a nice chewy alternative to white. The sweetness of the potato contrasted nicely with the salty soy sauce. Give it a try, it's especially a good first step into the sushi world!

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              Tried Sogo for the second time this weekend for a quick lunch. Just had one roll and some sashimi. Really great stuff, fresh, tasty.