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Jun 23, 2007 07:27 PM

Anyone tried Nona Mia in Asheville?

Just wondering...

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  1. Is it downtown? Doesn't sound familiar....

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    1. re: heartofgravy

      it's a new Italian place on Patton ave...

    2. mixed impression thus far. it's nothing fancy. pretty much a red sauce place with sandwiches & pizza thrown in.

      the eggplant parmesan was very good. a meatball calzone was pretty good; crust was thick, i prefer a thinner crust for calzones.

      chicken & bowtie pasta was so-so; chicken, roasted tomatoes, baby spinach, and more over bowtie pasta. the downfall was the pasta, which was plain old dried pasta. it just didn't absorb any sauce & meld into a cohesive dish; by the next day, the left-overs were very good.

      the flavors are there, but fresh pasta would make a world of difference. i'd rather see them cut portion size by a quarter & upgrade to fresh noodles. the dried linguini that accompanied the eggplant parm were also uninspiring; a nice, fresh marinara was wasted on the noodles.

      finished off with a pretty darn good cannoli. the filling was just a tad thin, but the flavor was excellent.

      i'm planning to go back and try some of the things where dried noodles won't be such an issue (lasagna, etc). i also want to try the pizza.

      it's definitely good enough to fill a neighborhood niche, whether it's good enough to draw from outside the neighborhood remains to be seen.

      prices were good and portions large. 2 appetizer salads, 2 entrees, 4 glasses of wine, a take-out calzone & a shared dessert were ~$60.

      service was good.

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      1. re: mark

        thanks Mark, nothing that tempting to me though

        1. re: mark

          We picked up a pizza a few nights ago, and it was wonderful. Granted, we weren't very adventurous and went with just the balsamic chicken and prosciutto, but it was delicious. It's Sicilian-style, so it's very thick and filling-I could only eat a slice and a half. It was cooked perfectly, no soggy bottomed crust like we find with a lot of other take-out pies. Plus it's CHEAP-our pizza was only $10.50, and it fed three of us with leftovers. You can't go wrong with that. I am curious to try the sandwiches; the balsamic chicken sounds great. I will report back my findings on those.

            1. re: hartly

              We went again this past Saturday for sandwiches, and they were really good. My daughter and I had the chicken parm, and my husband had the Italian, which were both served on focaccia bread. You're right, the bread is wonderful. It did make the sandwich rather difficult to eat, so my daughter ended up taking hers off the bread and eating them separately. The chicken breasts must have come from the Dolly Parton of chickens, because they were gigantic, and they were crusted in Romano cheese and bread crumbs. My husband was very happy with his Italian sandwich as well. I did not care for the pasta salad of the day that accompanied the sandwich, but only because I don't like red bell peppers. Other than that, it would have been good with me. It had penne rigate pasta, roasted mushrooms, zucchini, tomato, and the aforementioned peppers. Not sure what kind of dressing was used, but it was a pretty light side, which paired well with such a large sandwich. We also picked up a catering menu, which is HUGE. This would be a great place to pick up a few dishes if one was having a dinner party or a large group of relatives over. Overall, we were once again happy with our choice to dine there and will continue to do so.

          1. re: mark

            When I went with my sister yesterday, the pizza was really good (we got the farmhouse pie). The cannoli seemed to be missing the traditional candied orange peel, but it was okay...AND the waiter said the correct thing: "It will be a few moments, they're making it now." I picked up a peice of the traditional cheesecake take out today to go with the leftovers from yesterday of course... ;) I've refferred my coworkers, but it appears on the carry out lasagne for my coworker they only gave her a small peice floating in sauteed vegetables and a small salad. I guess its hit and miss.

          2. We had a group of 11 there on Wed nite. It was good and very reasonable, especially the wine by the bottle. Entire group wants to include on our regular list of places to go. Some of the dishes:

            Italian Sausage Pie - fantastic
            Farmhouse Pie - even better than the sausage pie, goat cheese, spinach, olives
            Chicken Piccata - good, the chicken was a little over cooked. Sauteed zucchini were great.
            Tilapia Limone - simple and very good, served with the zucchini
            Caprese - a special that day - amazing tomatoes, I'd love to know where they got them

            The service was excellent ~ a big group can be a real PITA, separate checks, changing their minds, moving around, noisy, not paying attention or remembering what they ordered.....the servers and owners took it all in stride, met every request with a smile and we all had a great time.

            It's not fine dining, but it is a perfect little neighborhood place where you can spend less than $20 for dinner and wine.