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Jun 23, 2007 07:10 PM

Best Merguez in Montreal

Several years ago I cooked up some merguez that I had bought in the kosher butcher at the Cavendish Mall. They were great and have yet to be matched. As I recall they were all lamb and had a good spicy cuminy flavor.

I have tried a merguez sandwich in Jean Talon. Can't remember the shop, either next to Hamel or to Marche des Saveurs, but it was not as good.

Any advice on where the good ones are to be found? I don't care in what form it appears, either sandwich, straight, or with couscous. I am looking for something that is all-lamb and spicy, ideally hardwood-grilled, but that may be asking too much.

I recalled seeing them at Basha, but they looked and tasted a bit tired.

By the way for those in the States, the most widely available merguez, D'Artagnan, suck compared to the real thing. Don't waste your money on them.

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  1. You could try the excellent Sephardic butcher's Boucherie Shalom Kosher 4693, avenue Van Horne, Montréal, QC H3W 1H8 514-342-0087 - as for Jean-Talon and environs, there are many, many Halal places selling and serving up merguez now - I know l'Olivier sells all-lamb ones as well as cheaper ones that mix lamb and veal or beef, but I've heard quality concerns about that shop. They do grill merguez outside their shop in the warm weather.

    Not kosher or halal, and as far as I know made by Italians, not Maghrebians, the little all-lamb merguez at Milano on St-Laurent (between Dante and Mozart) are also very good though.

    1. I buy my merguez at "La Biquette" , a small butcher at the corner of Jean-talon and Iberville. They are fresh and plump , so they dont dry too much on the BBQ. The owner used to be a butcher at Milano , and now has openend this small store.

      He caries all types of middle eastern food , and some green apple soda wich is fantastic to replace soda water in mojito !

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        Thanks Toto, I'll definitely try there. There are so many Magrebi places in that area now that I don't know which ones are best.

      2. The best fresh merguez can be found at Al-Khair, on the corner of Jean-Talon and Henri-Julien just across the street from the Jean Talon Market. Get the spicy ones, to be sure. L'Olivier, An-Nasr are fine and they have other great products, but the merguez at Al-Khair is exceptional. Please list any other reccommended merguez butchers anyone comes across. Also, note, Al-Khair can run out of the spicy merguez so get there early!

        For dining out, the merguez at Au Tarot (Marie-Anne/St. Denis) is to die for. Absolutely magical, brilliant, genius! A merguez dining paradise.

        1. the charming cook of La Goulette, on Roy (if I am not mistaken...) makes its own merguez and they are delicious! Not too spicy but with a definite kick. I now have a craving. Have the couscous with merguez, or "Royal", if you are feeling quite famished. miam miam.