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Jun 23, 2007 06:39 PM

rate my plate, por favor

I was messing around in the kitchen today and plated the same dish in two different ways. If anyone has any constructive criticisms or advice on how I could do things better, please post your responses.

It is the the most recent post on this site:

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  1. Beautiful pics and love your plates. I think this will be a very interesting topic, and the answers will reflect people's personal preferences for food combining. Me, I prefer the first plating because I don't like my food in one pile. I prefer to eat the components separately. I think those that tend to eat *together* may tend toward the second, but who knows. Plus, in the second the salad is lost, and I find the green a nice component to round out the color palette. If you choose the second one, I'd drizzle just a bit of the braising liquid around the meat and confit the way they do so often in restaurants in a thin stream circle and a few dots... What a fun way to mess around in the kitchen!

    1. Well I kind of like the top one better because of its clarity and clean look
      I am starting to get tired of the towers of babel food building so again that supports my liking the first and not the piled up latter
      that being said maybe you could do something with the peppers and salad so they bled together highlighting the Beef
      And I hope you cook with boose

      1. If Andrew "Dice" Clay were rating the pics he'd say he liked the Snapper head most. I liked the braised Beef Hind Shank in the topmost pic most. There was one more item to sample on the plate and overall it was well plated. None of the items overlapped -- I liked that in this particular instance -- everything stood alone.

        1. Both plates are lovely but the first one feels more upscale to me.

          1. Constructive only! Top one is the most pleasant to my eye, and I was looking for your starch? For me, I try to keep my salads on a seperate plate, especiallly when serving a rich meal like shanks and sauce. The peppers are pretty, but don't see why they are there? I would add a starch with the peppers... do you find square plates hard to plate?
            I recenly bought round white ones because I had a difficult time picturing my food on the square plates. But you seem to have the hang of it!... See how everyone looks at things so differently? And the towes of food seem to be confusing and if you watch a table that gets their food, everyone bows to the dish trying to see what under there!

            love the appetizers!

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              I know what you mean about the peppers.

              1. re: plowthor

                I was expecting polenta under the shank, and THEN the peppers! But maybe I'm too predicatable. Your arrangement of them is nicely done, and obviously have talent. It's hard to advise when we all look at things differently.