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Jun 23, 2007 06:28 PM

Pork Floss in Los Angeles

I was recently in Taiwan, where I became addicted to slightly sweet, crispy, paper-thin pork floss (best brand was in a pink plastic bag, but alas that I can't read Chinese), and pork floss onigiri.

Where can I buy pork floss in Los Angeles? (Please be more specific than "Chinatown" or "San Gabriel.") Also, is it possible to find pork floss onigiri here? Or pork floss buns? Pork floss anything?

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  1. Most of the pork floss I've seen comes in a plastic jar; you can get it at any Chinese or Vietnamese market; since you asked for specific reccomendations, try 99 Ranch or Shun Fat in Monterey Park (there are also 99 Ranches spread out all over the city). The containers will usually say "Pork Floss" on them (in English).

    I don't know about buns or onigiri, but Yi Mei (Northern Chinese breakfast / pastry place in Monterey Park) has Fan Tuan (You Tiao wrapped in rice) - the meat ones have pork floss in them, though I've only had the vegetarian ones (which I've heard are better anyway). You could try those.