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Jun 23, 2007 06:26 PM

Mini watermelons

Last week at Costco, I bought the 2 pack mini-watermelons by Sundia. They are more expensive (2 for $5.99) than the regular watermelons. While they have a healthy red color, they were not sweet. Making matters worse, the texture was mealy, ugh! I'm going to return them. What experience have chowhounds had with Sundia melons?

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  1. same experience six weeks ago, though not mealy. Good color, no sugar or flavor.

    1. I bought a couple at a Persian/Middle Eastern Market in San Diego. They were just over a $1 each. they were not mealy. Not super sweet, but had a really good watermelon flavor. I prefer to buy my produce at ethnic markets. They are usually less expensive and truly taste like they should.

      1. I just got a mini watermelon this weekend and it wasn't mealy, and it was pretty sweet. The perfect sized watermelon for 2 adults and 2 small kids.

        1. When it comes to most fruts and veggies, from apples and oranges to tomatoes, bigger isn't better. Watermelon is one of the exceptions, IMO. If you want a good shot at a very sweet watermelon, go big. Small watermelons are convenient for sure, but they're usually going to be short on flavor.

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            It depends on the variety of mini watermelon. Baby dolls are uusally sweet. The mini watermelon from the farmers market is usually a surer bet of being sweet than one from Costco or the local supermarket. Don't recall having a Sundia mini melon though.

          2. Try getting them at 99 Cents Only Store. They have been pretty sweet and crisp lately and are 99 cents each. (Dulcinea Pureheart seedless is the brand that 99 Cent has been selling. Yesterday they also had the Dulcinea Tuscan style cantaloupes for the same price.)