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Jun 23, 2007 06:25 PM

Chinese Restaurant Recommendation in Orange County

I currently live in NYC/Tri-State area and will be vacationing in Orange County (Costa Mesa / Irvine) in a few weeks. I am interested in knowing which Chinese restaurants are good locally. If you have any good suggestions, please let me know.


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  1. Nothing in Costa Mesa but there's quite a few choices in Irvine, particularly in two shopping centers straddling Walnut by Jeffrey Rd. (near I-5). See thread below for last week's Irvine discussion.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      Thanks! I will take a look. Irvine isn't far at all, I will give it a try.

    2. Weekend dim sum is quite good at Ten Ten in Anaheim, but if you want the best Chinese food, skip OC in favour of a 45-minute drive to the San Gabriel Valley. It's like taking the 7 train to Queens, but (if I dare say so) better.

      In OC you should check out the Viet food scene, there's arguably no better place on the continent for it.

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        Thanks! I will check it out. Last few times I was in OC I did drive up to Rowland Hts area as well as Monterey Park / Temple City... it was great.. I should do a little more research on places up there.