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JELL-O Instructions

Hi, I have an embarassing dillema. I have a package of JELL-O, but lost the box and I don't remember the instructions. If anyone has a box laying around or remember, please tell me. I was craving it tonight. Thanks!

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  1. Small box
    Add mix to 1 cup boiling water, stir until dissolved.
    Add 2 cups ice cold water, refrigerate until it sets.


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      forgot to add that if you are adding fruit other than citrus let it partially set then fold the fresh or drained fruit in.

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        how about if you are adding citrus fruit?

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        My box said l c boiling, then 1 cup cold(or iced) water for a 3-oz pkg. Then let it set up for 2+ hrs. Double water amts for 6-oz pkg.

      3. Add small pkg JELL-O powder to 1 cup boiling water, stir until disolved. Add 1 cup cold water, stir, pour into dish (es) and chill until set. To add fruit or finely chopped veggies, wait until jello is sightly thickened (like jelly), stir in and chill until set.

        1. Don't forget to sub vodka/rum/gin/tequila for the cold water!

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            Have you had luck adding that much alcohol and getting your jell-o to set? I haven't.

          2. Thanks so much everyone. I really appreciate it!

            1. Does anyone know how to stop your jello from being rubbery on top.

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                I think exposure to air does that. So putting a cover on it? Or making it in a tupperware-type of container and putting the lid on it?

              2. Does anyone know if there is jello made without any artificial colors and flavors.

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                    I tried it once with juice but it just wasn't sweet enough..haha..i am thinking about using sweeter juice next time like guava juice.

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                      You could reduce the juice down to concentrate it.

                1. Depends on what you are doing with it. The basic proportion is 1 regular size boxc of jello to 2 cups liquid. Jello also comes in a huge box that takes 3 cups of liquid. The first cup has to be boiling hot to dissolve the jello so you use water for that---you can microwave 1 cup until it boils, dissolve the jello in it, then add a second cup either of water or fruit juice. If you are adding a lot of fruit, sort of figure out if you want to add the full amount of water depending on how juicy the fruit is and whether you expect to turn the jello out of a mold after it's chilled (too much liquidy fruit and it won't form a shape). Some fruits will prevent jello setting, eg raw pineapple and kiwi fruit. Jello is kind of out of fashion but it has two excellent uses. 1) It is a good way to use up odd bits of ratty fruit that you find in the refrigerator. 2 ) It is often the only thing a feverish sick child will eat, thus you get liquid into him or her. They prefer red.

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                    The weird kids like the green too. Not that I would know anything about that...


                  2. Sure hope that back in 2007, the OP did not follow hannaone's incorrect instructions. One cup boiling, one cup cold, for the usual-size package. Make four 1/2 cup servings. Double that for the large box (not as common)

                    1. I want to make a jello salad in a 13 x 9 glass dish and want to add frozen raspberries (or strawberries) and bananas. Should I use a large or small box of jello and how much liquid should I use? Thanks!

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                        A 3oz box - that's the typical size - makes only 2 cups of jello. You'll need many. Pour water into the desired depth in your pan, measuring it as you go along. How much jello you need depends on how much fruit you plan to use. Subtract the number of cups of berries from the amount of water you used.

                        I recommend using plain jello packets (one packet Knox brand gels 2 cups liquid) and real juice in place of some or all of the boxed Jell-o, which is flavored entirely with artificial infredients.

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                          Absolutely true re. the artificial stuff. My H likes the sugar free instant orange for a summertime dessert once in a while. Doesn't move his blood sugar but yeah, not natural.

                      2. Hahaha....thought I was the only one who didnt have a box! Thanks to my wonderful son getting in the cabinet! Had the big bag...so I used 2&2. Hope I didnt get th extra big one. Just bought jello at the store but didnt realize that it was sugar free till I boiled the water and told my son we were gonna hage jello today. Sugar free...yuck! Diet jello...no thank you! : )