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Jun 23, 2007 06:08 PM

I like Xinh Xinh

I hadn't been to the location since it was Nam Vang. I found Xinh Xinh very impressive, with really good warm service from the family members running the place.

* Bun with grilled beef and BBQ meatball ($7.25): These meats are great, and seem a lot more freshly grilled than the stuff at Pho Pasteur and Le's, which might as well be reheated in the microwave. The meatball is actually a patty of seasoned meat, with a distinctive flavor (not as sweet as the sliced beef). The noodles in the bun were of a perfect, delicate texture without being mushy, and they were nice and steaming hot.

* Rice plate with pork chop ($6.50): This meat was even better than the beef offerings, and it looked as good as it tasted. All the meats we had were glistening and juicy and just damn appetizing. The rice plate comes with a bowl of that broth that's got some fried shallots and cilantro in it (not sure what it's called). This was good too.

* Bubble tea ($3.50): Less sweet than the usual bubble milk tea from Lollicup et al. Good tea flavor. (The complementary hot tea was excellent, too.) The tapioca pearls were a little on the dry side.

The decor is nicer than Nam Vang's... something about the lighting I think. The family members chatting with each other in Vietnamese and Cantonese gives the place a comfortable feeling that every hole-in-the-wall ethnic food place should have.

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  1. I like Xinh Xinh also. Nothing has ever knocked my socks off, but I can't think of any Vietnamese dish that has ever knocked my socks off. The shakes are great. A couple of days ago I tried soursop, in a shake, for the first time; delicious. Their curry is light and delightful, and their banh xeo is probably the best I've had (rich with coconut milk).

    I too like the homey feel and amiable service. Probably my favorite Vietnamese in the area, though I haven't tried every place in Fields Corner.

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      for me i like a double order of the grilled quail and an avocado shake.

    2. Oooh, thanks for the reminder. I love Vietnamese food in the hot weather and I like this place too. I really enjoy the rich beef soup with baguettes to dip in the broth but that's more of a winter dish. I'll have to try the bun.