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Jun 23, 2007 05:31 PM

Alessio's in Simi Valley

Has anyone tried it yet? How is it?

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  1. It's pretty much the same as the other Alessio's, which is to say, pretty good. It's not going to blow your hair back, but given the local alternatives, we'll probably become regulars...

    It does look like they're still ironing kinks out though. I ordered the caprese a couple of weeks ago, and the tomoatoes were rock-solidly-un-ripe and poorly chopped (stem). The rack of lamb and risotto were competently executed though.

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      I was there four weeks ago and should have posted..Sorry...

      I ordered crab cakes which were oily and mushy. I also ordered the "special" which was Osso Buco without asking the price. I thought this is Simi Valley? How much can it be? WELL-it was $30.00 but it was really good. I believe the dish had fennel in it which I detest but not in this dish. Service was spotty. The wait staff seemed sort of new at the business and it just didn't flow well. My wife ordered Chicken Parmigana which was outstanding. I looked at the dish when it arrived at our table and just knew this was going to be good. The portions were very big on all the dishes. Wife loves this place. I much prefer Viva La Pasta in Wood Ranch for Italian and outstanding soups each and every time I am there. I will go back to give Alessio's a chance, support the place and keep the wife happy.

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        Well, it sounds worth a visit at least once, but the price is a bit daunting. It's been a long time since I've been to Viva La Pasta, I'll have to give that a go again.

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        Lamb you say? Lamb is my absolute favorite meat, if theirs is any good, I'll be there.

      3. ilooks like they closed down. that was a short run :-(

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          As I have commented recently the people out here wont pay for the higher end restaurants. With the economy the way it is makes it even worse. It is a shame.