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Jun 23, 2007 04:29 PM

Casablanca in New Castle Delaware?

The husband and I pass this place monthly-ish. It's become such a topic for conversation in the car given the sporadic amount of cars in the parking lot, etc.
Anyone been? It's on the righthand side going north just shy of the 495 interchange - terracotta pink with moorish/arabesque architectural elements (for lack of a better term). We figure it's either a restaurant or a ladies club (don't know, maybe it's because we're usually car trip giddy by the time we pass). But if it is a restaurant we'd love to hear about it.


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  1. It's a restaurant and actually pretty good. We went for my father's birthday a few years ago and he LOVED it (I think more because of the belly dancer than the food, though ;))

    I've never eaten Morroccan food elsewhere, so I have no comparison basis; I though it was very good. My boyfriend travels worldwide for work and said it hit pretty close to the mark. He was impressed.

    It's not a dash-in, dash-out place. Not because service is slow, but because the food is served in several courses, the belly dancer does her thing every hour or so ... I think we were there for about two hours. For as creepy as it looks on the outside, it's totally different inside.

    1. I eat at their sister restaurant Ali Baba in Newark on a regular basis, dollar for dollar it is an excellent place. I have not been to Casablanca in a few years but I agree with alexajord, you should try it.