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Where to find Zweigelt in NYC

I had a glass of the 2005 Sattler Zweigelt at one of my favorite restaurants, Al Di La, last night. I had never even heard of this grape prior to then, but the waiter recommended it with my duck, so I gave it a shot.

It was a very nice wine, deceptively dark purple hue, but medium-bodied and somewhat reminiscent of a beaujolais, with a nicely balanced plum and peach notes, flowers and spice. Highly recommended.

It's an Austrian wine, imported by Michael Skurnik. None of my usual stores seem to carry it and I don't want to order a full case (no room for it!). Anyone have any idea where I can buy a bottle in the New York area?

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  1. Might I suggest the easiest way? Skurnik is IN New York. Just call or email them and ask them where to find it. It should not be difficult for them to tell you that So-and-So bought five cases, or that Such-and-Such got a delivery last week, etc.

    Michael Skurnik Wines
    575 Underhill Blvd., Suite 216
    Syosset, NY 11791
    Email: info@skurnikwines.com

    1. check out the June 13th NY TImes Dining and Wine section...Eric Asimov did an article on Austrian reds that he and a panel tasted...their #1 wine was the Leo Hillinger 2005 Zweigelt....it's available (according to wine-searcher.com) at Martin Brothers Wines and Spirits...2781 Broadway. Good luck.

      1. Thanks, zin. Didn't even think of directly contacting the importer! Thanks also for the article and the lead, drumwine. I usually read Asimov's column, but missed that one somehow.

        1. Try the 2005 Anton Bauer Zweigelt - incredible! It's also mentioned in the NY Times article. Very expressive, round and delicious - nice Cherry fruit!


          I'm in Asheville, NC and down here it is $12.99 per bottle. The Asheville Wine Market has a great selection of wines from around the world in case you are ever in town.

          For a more complex Austrian red, pick up the 2004 Anton Bauer Wagram Cuvee No 10. 40% Blaufrankisch, 35% Zweigelt, 15% Cab, 10% Merlot. It's wonderful too! This one goes for $14.99 down here.


          1. I can't help you with finding it in NYC, but wanted to chip in to say that this is SUCH a nice little wine! I tried it at a tasting last month, and ran out and bought several bottles the next day.

            Sattler Zweigelt is available in Minneapolis at Surdyk's. If you can't find it in NYC, I'll bet Surdyk's would ship you some. (With full MN taxes - ouch!) Better you should find some in NYC...



            1. there's a Zweigelt at Crush on 57th St (3rd/Lex)
              there are two at Astor Wines (Lafayette St)

              To find that particular wine I would call the importer and ask where to find it.

              1. I have bought the Sattler at Union Square Wine in NYC - I'm pretty sure they still carry it - saw it on their website today. Great food wine!

                1. Berger Zweigelt $12.50: Austrian red in a liter bottle with a pop top.
                  At LeNell's in Red Hook:

                  1. Some Finger Lakes wineries grow and make Zweigelt.

                    1. Had the Hillinger 2005 today (found it at Astor Wines) and liked it, but not quite as much as the Sattler. This was a little less complex, primarily strawberries and cherries, floral and mineral. Still, definitely a great value and a good food wine.

                      I was in Union Square Wines recently and they had other wines by Sattler, but not the Zweigelt. They did say they were getting some in September.

                      I emailed Skurnik for more suggestions on where to find the Sattler and never heard back. Guess I better pick up the phone!

                      Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

                      1. Found 2004 Heinrich Zweigelt at the Grande Harvest Wines store in the eastern corridor of Grand Central Terminal, $23.95. It was like enjoying "Willy Wonka's complete dinner chewing gum" except it was blackberries and plum instead of blueberries that rolled me away. The Heinrich was the only unblended zweigelt. The gentleman at the store had two others that he recommended as well - one he called more modern and fun, and one that was mixed with other grapes including Merlot.

                        1. Zweigelt is also grown in Washington under the name Lemburger and makes some good wine there. Probably the easiest to find is the Shooting Star Blue Franc Lemburger which is a good wine for not a lot of money.

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                            With respect, Lemburger is not Zweigelt. It's Blaufrankisch, which is also grown in Austria, but is a different varietal.

                            That said, thanks for the rec. I'm always up for trying new wines and I haven't had this particular grape's Washington incarnation.

                            I'm also happy to report that Zweigelt seems to be creeping into more and more wine stores lately, and that while it's still nowhere near as common as a chianti, I'm not having as hard a time finding it anymore.