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Jun 23, 2007 02:38 PM

Visiting San Francisco June 27-29

Please send any recommendations for mid-range priced restaurants in the San Francisco and Napa Valley area. Nothing touristy - just good and reasonably priced. Breakfasts, lunches, wine bars and dinner!
Thanks so much!

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  1. You really should start with a search on those areas, as this question gets asked at least twice a week. Once you have some specifics to ask about, you will get a lot more help!

    1. A lot of board favorites for mid-range priced restaurants get named in this recent thread:

      We know the search function is awful, but scrolling through a few days worth of posts will usually turn up a couple of good "visiting SF" threads.

      That said, it's helpful for us to know where you're coming from (maybe even what your favorite restaurants are), your budget (dollar amount per person including beverages, tax, and tip), where you're staying, preferred cuisines, and whether or not you'll have a car when you're in SF.

      1. Yes - we have a car and will-drive-for-good-food! We are from Tennessee, but lived in South Louisiana for years and know what good food is. Our faves are seafood, italian and authentic Cajun.
        We are also visiting Napa - where are the best wineries? There are SO many!
        Thanks again...

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          Seafood recs here:

          Top 4 mid-range Italian are arguably Delfina (Cal-Ital), La Ciccia (Sardinian), A 16 (Neapolitan), Incanto (Cal-Ital). Recent thread debating the merits of each:

          Re: Napa - what kinds of wines do you like? If you have preferences in terms of varietals and styles, that will help.
          Recent threads:

          1. re: Sallieb190

            The San Francisco Chronicle has a wonderful online Wine Country guide that allows you to set parameters for your wine tasting trip -- it then lists wineries that fit your parameters.


          2. As others have noted, it helps to know the dollar range you are looking for. SF is very expensive, so what we think of as mid-range may not seem mid-range to others. The more you can refine your request, the more useful info you will get as there are dozens of places that fit your criteria. That said, check out these: for seafood - Tadich Grill (SF tradition), Ame, Bar Crudo; dinner - Aziza, Myth, A16, Nopa; Zuni, Boulevard, Canteen, Quince. Canteen used to serve breakfast also, but you should check on that. Definitely do research on all of these names to see if they are anything like what you had in mind.