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Jun 23, 2007 02:32 PM

Fitz's and Ted Drewes

I will be taking my son to visit Wash U in St. Louis next week. Is it worth going to Ted Drewes? What about Fitz's Root Beer? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Ted Drewes yes, Fitz's no.

    Blueberry Hill would be a better bet if you're just wanting to see the loop. It has better food, and heck, I'm sure they still even have Fitz' if you're just wanting to try the root beer.

    1. For the frozen custard, definitely yes for Ted Drew's. The food at Fitz's is OK, but it's the best creme soda at a restaurant. The root beer, for which Fitz's is known, is good, but has a strong licorice type component.

      1. Blueberry Hill is near Wash. U, filled with rock and roll memorabilia, and has good burgers and other bar food. Worth a visit and a walk up and down the street. Unfortunately, school will be out of session, so there will be fewer students to talk to and the vibe will be different.

        Much of your son's chow happiness will depend on whether he can develop a taste for St. Louis-style pizza, which I dearly love and miss but is maligned on this board. Go to Cafe Manhattan on Hanley a bit west of campus in Clayton or Uptown (same ownership) and get a pizza, some toasted ravioli to start, and their salad.

        Definitely make a drive to Ted Drewe's. It will be hot and humid in town, there will be a crowd of friendly, happy customers in the fast-moving lines. Get a "concrete" which is a milkshake so thick with frozen custard that it can be held upside-down. I like chocolate malt with extra malt.

        If you are looking for some summer St. Louis things to do, you could hit the riverfront downtown and the Arch, ballpark, and old Courthouse. But Forest Park is a lot closer to campus and has a fantastic zoo, which has had free admission over the years. The Jewel Box is a family favorite as well. The Muni "Opera" in the park is popular, features excellent Broadway-style shows, and last-minute tix are sometimes possible.

        Did I mention that it will probably be very hot and humid? Wash. U is a great school whose national ranking and admission criteria keeps rising. Good luck to your son on college.

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          Many, many thanks for your tips and good wishes. We will definitely hit Ted Drewes and try to get to Cafe Manhattan as he loves pizza. We are definitely going to have a lunch on campus. Wash U has a reputation for having great campus food and excellent quality of life which is very important to him. I know Wash U is a very tough school to get into it. On paper (ie pre-visit) it looks like a perfect fit for him. We will be completing the college search by summer's end.

          Thanks for the heads-up on the humidity. I was aware of it, and actually wanted him to see St. Louis at it's worst weather (we hit Northwestern in Evanston in February just to be fair!).

          Could you recommend a good breakfast spot (mid-week). Anywhere between the Sheraton Clayton and Wash U would be perfect. Great coffee a bonus.

          1. re: sherry f

            In Clayton, there is Companion Bakehouse which has a lot of baked goods and some egg casserole type things. Also, there is the City Coffe House and creperie (on Brentwood Blvd, in Clayton), which I think has good coffee, although I'm not really a crepe fan.

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              There is a Racanelli's Pizzeria in the University City Loop at the Market in the Loop, close to Blueberry Hill (which I also recommend). It is a New York/Jersey style pizza.
              Also, close to your hotel in Clayton, is IlVicino, at Maryland and Central. They bake their pizzas in a wood-fired oven, and have good salads as well. My teens love to go there for lunch or dinner.
              Across the street is House of Wong, a very good family-owned Chinese restaurant.

              For breakfast, there is the aforementioned Companion Bakehouse. A few blocks closer to your hotel is First Watch, at Forsyth and Maryland. My brother loved it when his son was here at Wash U. a few years ago. Also, for home-made, killer chocolate chip cookies, and a traditional soda-fountain lunch, there is Jennifer's Rx Pharmacy on North Central.
              Enjoy your visit, and good luck with the process.

              1. re: p.j.

                Thank you for all of your tips. St. Louis is a great town. We ended up having our first lunch at the Wash U campus and it was pretty decent. The next day, we had "brunch" at City Coffee House as my son really wanted a crepe. It didn't dissapoint. I had a lovely spinach salad with walnuts and goat cheese. I drove by all of the above-mentioned restaurants and intend to visit them if my son ends up getting admitted and ultimately goes to Wash U. It is an awesome school.

                We had our one dinner at Pomme Wine and Bistro on the rec. of a professor. We were kind of wiped from a long day of travel and running around (and that infamous humidity). We both wanted something lights and had entree salads. I had a wonderful Mojito to go along. On the way to the airport the next day we hit the Chippewa branch of Ted Drewes. I had the pistachio cement which was delicious. I loved the salt from the nuts mixed in with sweetness of the custard. My son decided to go to Cold Stone Creamery in University City before heading out to Ted Drewes. We don't have Cold Stone in Canada where we are from and it is a novelty for him. I personally think that Ted Drewes blows Cold Stone out of the water.

                1. re: sherry f

                  I am glad you found some good food. I like all the places you visited, I really like the coffee at City Coffee House. Just in case your son does end up here, be sure to remember that we call them "concretes" rather than cements! :)

                  1. re: shannoninstlouis

                    Thanks Shannon. I knew it was some delicious "building material". Ted Drewes is awesome.