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Jun 23, 2007 02:30 PM

Breakfast between Sheraton Clayton and Wash U

ISO great breakfast place between Sheraton Clayton and Wash U this Thursday, June 28.

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  1. sherry,
    I've replied on your other thread. One thought, if you are seeking a quick breakfast with good coffee, is the St. Louis Bread Co. on Central, between Carondelet and Forsyth. They make some breakfast egg & meat biscuits, have good pastries, and good coffee. They also have sandwiches and salads, fruit cups, juice, bagels, milk, etc.

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    1. You can also take this opportunity to explore the Central West End, home to Wash U's Medical School and a short (very short) drive from the Hilltop Campus. It's past campus if you are coming from Clayton but worth checking out. It's been awhile but I used to love breakfast at the Majestic Cafe which is an eclectic diner/bar that serves good, basic breakfast and a great gyro at lunch and dinner. The CWE is fun to explore, a slice of old world style in an area that is home to hospitals, businesses and homes and apartments.

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        We still enjoy breakfast at the Majestic. There is also a Lebanese cafe on Euclid, just south of Laclede, that has middle Eastern food & coffee & pastries. Wash U. has a free shuttle from the main campus to the med school/Barnes-Jewish Hospital. I'd bet if you ask, Wash U. will let you ride the shuttle, or give you a Metro-Link (light-rail) pass, to the Central West End. Wash U. is one of THE most accomodating schools for potential students and parents. p.j.

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            Hi Sherry- sorry, I keep thinking of other options. If you want to go to a place that is likely to have students, and is a student hangout during the school year, you should try Kayak's, which is a "northwoods" themed coffee shop, just northeast of the main campus, at Skinker and Millbrook, (which changes to Forest Park Parkway at that corner). There is a Metrolink stop right there.
            The Wash U. kids are always studying at Kayak's, which has wi-fi. They like the "Bread Co." too.
            Have a safe trip to STL. The weather will be just as you hoped, warm and muggy.