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Italian food comparable to NYC standards

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Does anyone know any Italian restaurants in the GTA that is comparable to the food at Babbo or Peasant in NYC?

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  1. While there are many good Italian Restaurants in the GTA (see this post http://www.chowhound.com/topics/362300 for a discussion), there is nothing that matches Babbo (or Oliveto or A16 in the San Francisco Bay Area) for that matter. That said, I am aware of no Portuguese restaurant in New York that touches Chiado.

    1. I think that Via Allegro comes close with some of their dishes.

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        Via Allegro may be good, but doesn't come close to the food/wine service or overall experience at Babbo. I'd say the experience and service at Opus on Prince Arthur is close to the Babbo experience, yet the food is more continental than Italian.