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Jun 23, 2007 01:50 PM

Steaks in Seattle that won't break the bank

My fourteen-year-old wants a steak for his birthday dinner, and I don't want my parents to have to break the bank to dine with him. Any suggestions on a good restaurant?

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  1. I have always enjoyed going to Jaks Steak palaces in Seattle or Issaquah. I feel they are far more consistant then the Met at 1/3 to 1/2 less. The steaks are excellent, potato pancakes tasty and the basic steamed veggies well basic. Ambiance and drinks are also quite good. They don't take reservations. I have only had their porterhouse or tenderloin so I can't comment on other dishes. ( I understand some folks go to steak houses and order non steak items; I can only wonder why.)

    Their reputation seems to be excellent with the usual Seattle passive agressive posters hinting at negative views, but on the whole they're a good buy for a consistantly excellent product.

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      I won't hint-I think Jak's is mediocre. Not awful, and probably a good idea for a 14 year old, but everything I've had, from the potato to break to the meat, was mediocre. Anyone could do better at home.

    2. if he doesn't mind a plateful of tasty and tender small rib steaks instead of a single large hunk of meat, take him to one of the Korean places like Hosoonyi for their kalbi (grilled beef short rib). Get the giant seafood pancake to share.

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        Good downtown option for this: Taphouse Grill (on 6th betw Pike and Pine)
        3 kalbi steaks for $11
        not sure about seating for the 14yr old though, better check with them

      2. I second Jak's as the place. Their dry aged NY is a real bargain and a good steak. The price can't be includes; salad, steak, vegetables your choice of potatoes and bread...a real deal in my opinion. No reservations, but if you go early it's never a problem to get in.

        1. Try Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse in Renton, and go on a weeknight (if possible). The steaks are well above-average for the price -- and on the rare occasion, they're excellent. The place is well-suited for kids, too (country music, peanut shells on the floor, large families gnoshing away).

          For a bit more ($10), Melrose Grill down the street has far better steaks and a relatively classy atmosphere.

          1. I think the organic baseball steak at SAM Taste is both better and (at $16 for the petite, $28 for the full-size) a better deal than Jak's or any other steakhouse-qua-steakhouse in town.

            No peanuts on the floor or blooming onions, though, so if he's looking for that kind of atmosphere, give SAM a miss.

            Edit: oh, I almost forgot - the flat-iron steak at the Elysian Fields is quite good. It's an excellent deal (for a steak in a restaurant) at $17 and comes with more substantial accoutrements in a more laid back environment than the rather spare SAM space.