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Jun 23, 2007 01:48 PM

Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg

I recently ate at Dry Creek Kitchen and I found it to be the most disappointing restaurant I have ever been to. Despite the bad reviews from some of you chowhounds in February 2007, I still decided to try it and it was a disaster. What is happening? I thought Charlie Palmer made Napa his permanent resident, thus Dry Creek Kitchen would be more closely monitored by him.
Here was my experience:
1) After we were seated another couple was seated after us and they were served drinks and appetizers first. We waited then also asked for bread which we never received.
2) I ordered wagyu beef steak to be prepared "medium rare" and they brought it out well done. (what a disgrace to eat well done wagyu beef)
3) the server spilled sauce for my dinner on our shoes ( I'll let that go because accidents do happen)
4) My boyfriend ordered chicken which was overcooked.
5)We had to keep flagging down our waiter just to get another fork or napkin, etc.
6) I asked the waiter what the name of the restaurant that Charlie Palmer owned in Las
Vegas and he replied "the Burger Bar." You think the servers would know more about Charlie Palmer and his restaurants... and for them not to lie and pretend that they knew!

We were very disappointed with this place. Unfortunately, this was one of the worst dinners we have ever had a a nice restaurant. If you go to Healdsburg, don't think twice,and make sure you just go to Cyrus a couple of blocks down. You'll see an enormous contrast.
Anybody have similar disappointing experiences at Dry Creek Kitchen?

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  1. All I can tell you is that they've had a lot of job ads on Craigslist lately, including for a General Manager, sous chef, executive chef, etc., so I suspect there's virtually no leadership going on. As we know, that will usually spell disaster in a restaurant.