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Frozen yogurt in Tampa?

Does anyone know of a frozen yogurt place in Tampa that sells natural frozen yogurt - the tangy kind, along the lines of Pinkberry in LA, not the really sweet kind that tastes like soft-serve ice cream?

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  1. Not that I know what "Pinkberry" is, but you could try:

    Yogurt Naturally
    3906 S MACDILL AVE

    I have only been there once and I think I had the "Pumpkin Pie" yogurt back in November.

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      Visiting Tampa in May I saw a place on one of the streets very near Sidebern's that was just like Pnkberry. They seemed to be having a grand opening. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the place nor the street.

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        CaliYogurt opened recently on Morrison and Howard. It's very good and pretty much a Pinkberry knockoff. They have plain and green tea frozen yogurt just like Pinkberry. They are not open on Sundays, which strikes me as strange.

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          New CaliYogurt locations....Davis Island, Clearwater, Orlando. Much cheaper than flying to LA.

    2. I just tried CaliYogurt (Morrison and Howard) on your suggestion - it was delicious. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

      1. There is a Boba Tea shop on Waters just east of Armenia on the South side. It's in the plaza with Yummy House (actual authentic Chinese food in Tampa, but that's for another post). The tea shop just started selling the Cali style frozen yogurt. They call it Momo D light (sp?). I was just in LA and had Pinkberry twice during the weekend. Glad that there are some choices in the Tampa Bay area.

        1. I've been to Caliyogurt and SunniBunni. SunniBunni is much tastier and they have organic toppings too. That's my vote

          1. Where is SunniBunni here in Tampa? I heard it tastes like 40 Carats. Someone please give me an address.

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              1413 S Howard Ave #102. They opened a few weeks ago

            2. there's one in brandon mall....but it's not that great. i heard there one coming soon in brandon, florida, and it's gonna be self serve.

              1. I remember a place that is not only a British goods store, but they also sell frozen yogurt, which I understand to be pretty good. It's in the shopping plaza at Himes and Busch, but I can't remember the name of it...

                1. There's this place called " Snow & Yogurt" on sheldon. They have frozen yogurt along w/ shaved frozen yogurt!!!

                  1. There is a newish place on S Dale Mabry south of Swann named Berry something it looks like they are similar to Pinkberry and it was packed, I didn't go but a packed house is usually a good sign.

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                      Sunni Bunni Yogurt is outstanding! Not too tart.

                    2. I like frozen yogurt very much, I was tried all Frozen yogurts in tampa, I like CaliYogurt (on morrison) and Green berry Yogurt (on Adamo Dr. and Falkenbury Blvd corssing bebind Hooter's, also they doing self serve & they have boba tea and lunch box!!)