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Jun 23, 2007 01:10 PM

Visiting Scottsdale, tell me what I can't miss....

I will be visiting Scottsdale for 3-4 days for the week of the 4th. Please advice me what restuarants I can't miss. I eat anything except I am not big on the whole new "foam" thing alot of chefs seem to dig.


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  1. The inevitable question: Where in Scottsdale? The city is quite large, and many resorts associated with Scottsdale are actually in Phoenix or Paradise Valley.

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    1. re: silverbear

      go to Lon's at the hermosa inn it is southwestern food with a beautiful atmosphere. for italian marcellino's is the best nothern food.

    2. If you do a Search for "Scottsdale" on this board, you will find two dozen recs. for great food, all posted within the last month.

      As Silverbears asks, "where in Scottsdale?" Also, from there, is a drive in your plans? Scottsdale, from the Desert Mtn. area to Mesa/Tempe is miles, and miles long.

      There are tons of excellent food from the far North to the South, but to just fire out recs. is a waste of your time.


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        also what type of budget? any categories?

        1. re: ccl1111

          Hi Everyone,
          Thanks for the replies. I am into all cuisines and budget is pretty open. I am visiting a friend who lives there and has a car, so we do not mind traveling at all.

          1. re: swede

            I would say can't miss places are:
            Cowboy Ciao
            Sea Saw
            Los Sombreros
            Tarbells (technically Phx)
            Barrio Cafe (Phx)
            Ranch Market (Phx)
            Pizzeria Bianco (Phx)
            Kai (way S of Scottsdale, a bit of a drive)
            Binkley's (N of Scottsdale, again, a drive)

            Some personal favorites:
            Cyclo (Chandler)
            La Locanda (the squid-ink seafood pasta is to die for and I love the owner)
            Carolina's for divey, casual Mexican food - the chorizo/bean burrito is great and the tortillas are great
            Golden Buddha for dim sum