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Jun 23, 2007 01:03 PM

Do you tip the Matrid de

Do you tip the Matrid de, or other person who seats you at your table in a fancy restaurant?

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    1. My husband does but I think he does it only after we know them and after we repeatedly get a great table. Once he did it on our first time at a restaurant because we were going to get a lousy table that would have really ruined the evening and after he tipped we got the best table in the house. But, mostly, no.

      1. Wouldn't even think of it.

        And a "fancy restaurant" with a "lousy table" has just eliminated itself from the category of fancy restaurants - if they're charging big bucks, some tables may be better than others but none of them should be awful.

        1. Tipping a maitre d' or host is generally not necessary; the hosts will generally get tipped by the waitstaff at the end of the night. If a maitre d' or host goes exceedingly out of their way to accommodate a special request, I would generally tip them a few bucks, but when I host I certainly don't expect to get tips from guests.