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A plethora of plums.........Recipes????

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Well my plum tree is out of control and I have more plums than I know what to do with. Usually the hubby and I just take them into work or we eat them plain, but I would love to get more creative with them. Got any good recipes?????

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  1. My grandma always made plum jam in the summer. If you're willing to put forth the canning effort, I'm sure you could find an easy recipe online.

    1. Plum ketchup will concentrate you plums into a condiment that goes wonderfully with roast chicken and meats. It keeps well in the fridge and freezes indefinitely. I make it similarly to the recipe about halfway down this page: http://www.commercialappeal.com/mca/f...

      1. Just google for germknoedel or germknodel. It is a plum or plum-jam filled sweet bread, often topped with ground poppies.... they are to die for.

        1. Plum butter (like apple or pumpkin butter), plum chili sauce, plum tart, plum granita.

          The simplest thing to do is halve them, place them skin side down in a baking dish, sprinkle with brown sugar, and broil in the oven. Serve with ice cream, yoghurt, mascarpone (anything dairy - cuts through the acidity) for dessert, and puree any leftovers into smoothies.

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            please send this recipe to me...I am hunting all over for it and can't find it. My 5 year old is waiting to make it with me and I bought the ingredients....but no recipe! thanks.

          2. This recipe is absolutely delicious - I saw it on Lidia's show described as Plum Lasagna and found the recipe linked below (just substitute plums everywhere it says Peaches)......I have never eaten as many plums as in the last year! Just served it last night - people swoon over it and can't believe it's grilled bread in there.........delicious!


            I serve with some vanilla flavoured mascarpone or vanilla ice cream - it's easy to make and lasts for days - good make ahead company dessert

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              Plum Lasagna!!! please send this recipe to me...I am hunting all over for it and can't find it. My 5 year old is waiting to make it with me and I bought the ingredients....but no recipe! thanks.

            2. EAH, ever try plums on the grill?

              Split room temp plums in half; remove pit.

              Take 1/2 cup of pineapple concentrate (the frozen stuff but don't dilute it) and 3 Tablespoons of orange juice and make a thin paste. Brush each plum half with the mixture and grill for about 3-4 minutes until warm and toasted then serve with frozen vanilla yogurt.

              1. Fill a large mason jar 1/3 with plums, add a little sugar, then top off with vodka, cheap stuff is fine. Don't bother shaking to dissolve or anything. Then screw on the lid and place in the back of a cool dark cupboard and do your best to forget about then. Along around Thanksgiving you'll have a treat.

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                  Or if you want to splurge, use Armagnac! Prick whole plums all over with a pin or skewer, add the sugar and the rest. Follow Louise's directions.

                  It's just delicious.,..but what wouldn't be with Armagnac?

                2. One of the chefs I use to work with tells a great story about his mentor (she was a French chef): He had been to a farmers market and found some beautiful plums. So he asked her "If you were going to cook plums today, what would you cook with them?". "Why, eggplant of course!" was her response. "You cook a vegetable to bring out it's sweetness and it will taste like fruit. You can cook fruit to bring out it's bitterness and it will taste like a vegetable. All food goes with all food. It is up to you to figure out how."

                  He never did tell us how he did (or didn't) cook the Plums and eggplant. I think the combination would make a fantastic tart, maybe with goat cheese? How about Plum eggplant chutney to go with pork?

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                    Probably Josephine Araldo (the mentor). Her 'From a Breton Garden' has a lot of these fruit with vegetable dishes w/recipes & reminisces. I don't remember if the plums and eggplant recipe is in there.

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                      Yes, actually. The chef I worked with was Robert Reynolds. The other author of "From a Brenton Garden".

                  2. I'd make a plum crostata - it's like a pie but you just fold the pie dough edges over and bake it on a flat baking sheet.

                    My mom just made plum ice cream with her plums and she said it was great (better than apricot ice cream). Then she made plum sorbet and said that was even BETTER! She's pureeing her plums now to freeze for later.

                    1. plums in place of apples in any recipe is yummy.

                      me I would make plum jam, lasts all year and makes great gifts.

                      1. Plum upside down cake. Do it the same as you would a pineapple, but sub plums instead. Yum!

                        1. Marion Burros' Plum Torte (as published often in the New York Times) is easy and really good. I've used all types of plums, not just the dark prune-plums it calls for. And it freezes well.



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                            This looks really good, and since I am going picking this weekend I will give it a try. I do have a question though, did you freeze your torte baked or unbaked? I read the reviews and seems hard to figure out what people have done. I would prefer to freeze unbaked but want to make sure this worked ok. thanks

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                              Ditto for the Rustic Plum Tart. It's also in Medrich's Pure Dessert, along with an even more fab Plum and Almond tart which is really easy! Both of these tarts puff up around the plums and look really gorgeous. She also says to leave the skins on the plum halves and remove after baking so they look good.

                              Yum. I'm made this at least 5 times this summer.

                            2. I adore Zwetschkenknödel, Austrian plum dumplings. I have never made them on my own, but this recipe seems to be very close to what my Austrian grandmother does: http://www.jewishfood-list.com/recipe.... She doesn't pit the plums, though (we just take out the pit when eating them), and she keeps the breadcrumbs separate so we can put them on top of the dumplings ourselves.

                              They are just delicious, especially with the browned breadcrumb, sugar, and cinnamon on top. When I was little I would ask for a serving of just the breadcrumbs (but the dumpling part is delicious too!). They can also be made with apricots or cherries, btw.

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                                I'm assuming you have a tree so you face the same thing every summer that we do -- too many plums! (We have the same issue with apricots then nectarines too in the summer.) What I have been doing with plums is using them in any dessert recipe that calls for stone fruit, such as nectarines or peaches - like crumbles/buckles, etc. Also someone else posted about plum upside down cake - yes! I have a great recipe for this that I will have to dig out. You can do any simple French galette or tart type recipe in puff pastry (super easy but looks really impressive) or a shortcrust pastry dough recipe. If it calls for peaches or nectarines just use the same # of plums instead. You can also do a quick jam but just know with plums it turns out more like an apple butter.

                              2. Plum crumble: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/21/din... Even my husband's friend who doesn't eat ANYTHING liked this.

                                It says to finely chop the minced ginger, but I strongly recommend that you crumble it with your fingers instead. It sticks to the knife and is a total pain, but crumbles pretty easily by hand.

                                1. Bread pudding is a great way to use them. Tyler Florence recipe with berries is a good framework: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ty...

                                  I just made a bunch of this to use up extra stuff: plums, orange pound cake which was taking up space in my freezer, eggs, and dried fruits that were like little pebbles. I macerated the dried fruits in some grand marnier for a day then mixed them with the pitted plums, and followed his recipe.

                                  Although: I don't think the lemon fondant is necessary, esp. as mine was pretty citric to start. I just whipped up some heavy cream with a splash of grand marnier; a small spoonful of that is plenty of garnish.