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Jun 23, 2007 12:49 PM

Indyafusion (DFW)

Consider this a place for us all to share our opinions. As i thought back on it I realized I didn't exactly analyze the food very closely. Perhaps i can blame that on the fact that it was a buffet. There's no way i have the energy to go through each dish i had, so here's my recap.

Tandoori Chicken - ok.
Curries - for the most part, very good.
Channa saag (Is that right? the chickpea/spinach number) very good, as was the dal.
Pakora - very good. crunchy, not oily.
Chutneys - very good, and not British in the least.

I would have liked some papadums and the spicy herbal chutney that goes with them sometimes. I would have also liked at least one dish to have had a native heat level. All in all i was very pleased, especially considering the fact that this was a buffet. I would gladly return, but considering all the other options I'll bet that never happens. Once this digests I'm ready for dim sum. So, what did everyone else think?

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  1. Amazing! You're already home and got it posted!!

    Interesting, we didn't like the pakora at all--it was too hard. I saw many Indian people getting a lot of those, though. Their chicken tikka masala wasn't very good. We liked those little chicken pieces (can't remember the name of the dish). I liked that dessert--on my way out I asked the cashier what it was--it's made of wheat flour.

    Overall, David thinks Mayuri is better. Rita thought Flavors (in Addision) was better (her favorite is Pasand). I'd like to go back and order from the menu to see how good their korma is.

    It was nice meeting y'all. QueenB, thanks for organizing it and also for the little herbs. It was fun. I've never met a group of people who just talk about food nonstop for two hours! It was like having 7 of me :-) We'll meet for dim sum at Maxim's or Kirin Court next time.

    1. I also admit not to paying much attention to the food either, because I was too busy talking!
      The curries were good, and the goat biryani was also good, once I got around all the bones. Loved the vegetable curry and the daal. Naan wasn't too bad for a buffet.
      I think the chicken kuidaore is referring to was the Chicken 65? The little red pieces?
      I also didn't think the little lentil/herb donut thingies weren't bad. I can't remember what they were called.
      I wasn't too bothered by the lack of heat, as my tongue doesn't like hot peppers too much.
      Chicken tikka masala was average. I agree that Mayuri is better, and I've never been to Flavors.
      The company was great. Thank you all so much for coming and I look forward to our next meeting. Next month sometime for dim sum?

      1. I pretty much agree with the consensus... it was a good place. I felt that it was comparable to Mayuri, although I didn't get around to trying everything. Pasand and Madras Pavillion are probably better, in my opinion, but I'd still be happy at any of these places. I agree that the pakora were too crunchy. The Chicken 65 was surprisingly soft and tender - really nice - and I enjoyed the Saag Chana, mostly because it was the only spicy-ish dish that I encountered. The Sambar was ok too.

        Thanks for organizing the get-together, QueenB! It was really nice to meet you and everyone else.

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        1. re: gavlist

          Right, Chicken 65. Never had that before at any Indian restaurant (David says he had that at Mayuri and IndyaFusion's version is better). I found the origin of the name. Interesting.

          QueenB, try the donut thing at Pasand (in Richardson), which I think is better.

          gavlist, did you come sit across from me and ask about Seabose?

          1. re: kuidaore

            Kuidaore, yes - that was me. You made my mouth water... I've got to try Osaka-style sushi :)

            1. re: gavlist

              Seabose has oshizushi with eel, mackerel, salmon and flounder.

              I just scanned and uploaded their menu to my avatar so you can download it. If you don't order in advance, you'll have to wait at the store for 20-30 min--esp. if you order eel, the owner starts grilling it after you place an order.

              He responded to my question on the blog--he is not adjusting the seasoning to cater to Americans, but just pursuing his own "ideal" and turned down my request for more vinegar...

              1. re: kuidaore

                Thanks kuidaore. I'm dying to try some oshizushi... never had it before. And thanks for downloading the menu... but I can't seem to get a copy at decent resolution. Is there a trick I'm missing?

                funny about the vinegar. At least the guy has his principles.

                1. re: gavlist

                  No, Chowhound's system won't accept bigger files--I tried. How's this?

        2. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. QueenB brought us all gifts of herbs from her garden and a vanilla bean (thanks again!). It's neat to meet people with such a wide variety of backgrounds and occupations, yet all share a love for great food (and drink!). My husband, who doesn't read Chowhound, also enjoyed the outing. I only wish I had gotten a chance to converse more with the other Chowhounds on the opposite end of the table.

          I have to agree with most of the other comments. I first started going to the buffet here when Indyafusion was called Tabla, and unfortunately the food isn't quite as good as it used to be. They've really turned down the heat level of the dishes and the tikki masala is not nearly as complex in flavor as it used to be. My only other complaint was that the air conditioner was barely on and it was a hot day...

          Overall, we had a great time. I'm looking forward to the next brunch!

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          1. re: Webra1

            Oh, so you were Webra1! Too bad we didn't get to talk to those on the other end of the table.

            We ordered Queen Fried Rice at BB following your recommendation. It wasn't served on
            on a cast-iron pan. I'm wondering maybe you ordered a clay pot??? Queen Fried Rice comes with a fried egg on top of rice.

            1. re: kuidaore

              My husband and I prefer Asian food over any other cuisine, so I'll have to make sure I sit near you on the next meet-up!

              I'm sorry you got the wrong dish. That happened to us once as well. The first time we had it, we went with a Vietnamese friend of ours who ordered everything in Vietnamese. When we asked him what the dish was called when it came to the table, he told us "Queen Fried Rice." Their website appears to be down, so I can't look up the exact name, but I think it's actually called "hot pan." It's listed under rice dishes, and it's the most expensive rice dish there.

              We also make sure to tell them to add Vietnamese sausage to the dish. We're still not sure what our friend really ordered for us since the rice came with the sausage, but when you order the dish from the menu, it doesn't have it. (And the sausage makes it out of this world good).

              We'd actually love to meet a group of people here sometime for dinner to try an assortment of dishes. The fried rice mentioned above for example, can easily feed 4 or 5. It's also BYOB. We've tried gathering up numerous friends to go, but none of them are as adventurous as us....

              1. re: Webra1

                Sure, BB has a huge menu so it'll take us forever to try all the dishes! For dinner, we can go only Mon and Tue night since David works in the evenings. I could also bring my Chinese friend who likes BB.

                My most favorite Vietnamese dish is Hu Tieu Ap Chao--"one big flat stuck together brown" rice noodle. BB fries the noodle perfect to my taste though the sauce isn't very good. In general, we aren't impressed with their sauces. I kind of liked their clay pot catfish, which tasted like Japanese teriyaki buri(amberjack).

                1. re: kuidaore

                  If you guys go on a Monday night (I can't make it most Tuesdays) I'd love to join you too.

                    1. re: kuidaore

                      I'm open this Saturday anytime or Monday night July 9th. Or both ; )

                      1. re: Webra1

                        July 9 or any weekend in July (except for 6/31-7/1) will work for us. One Sun (or Sat) should be for dim sum ;-)

                        1. re: kuidaore

                          I'd love to join too. If I can ever get home from San Francisco. I've been stranded here because of all the rain down there.
                          We should be good any weekend, or even Monday or Tuesday nights.
                          I guess I'm organizing the Dim Sum dinner? You'll have to remind me of the names of the place we're going. I'll start trying to organize in early July...if I'm home by then! ;-)

                          1. re: QueenB

                            Not a bad place to be stranded in AT ALL! I'm more familiar with the restaurants in Sillicon Valley than in the city. If you have a chance to go to Palo Alto, there's a VERY GOOD Hunan restaurant. Lots of great Chinese places in Mtn View and Vietnamese in San Jose.

                            As for dim sum, Maxim's or Kirin Court in Richardson, a few blocks away from each other. I wouldn't mind organizing it since we are familiar with the restaurants and live very close (but pls don't expect any gifts from us--we aren't as hospitable as QueenB!) We prefer Maxim's, but if more ppl prefer Kirin, that'll be fine with us. Some dishes are better at Maximi's and others at Kirin. We have to be there about 11am, no later than 11:30am so we don't have to wait to be seated.

                            1. re: kuidaore

                              Not bad to be stranded here for the food...but I miss my family!

                              Kuidaore, if you'd like to take over for this luncheon, feel free. Either place is fine with me, I've never been to either. Any weekend should be fine for lunch.
                              If you need everyone's email addresses, I can send them to you.

                              1. re: QueenB

                                I was going to post a new message on this board so those who didn't respond can also join. It'll be probably 7/22 or 29. I hope you'll be back by then ;-)

                                1. re: kuidaore

                                  Of course, that makes sense. My brain just refuses to work anymore.

                          2. re: kuidaore

                            Let's try July 9th for dinner at Bistro B.

                            Anyone who's interested can email me at

                              1. re: QueenB

                                it's in Garland. The address is:
                                9780 Walnut St.
                                Dallas, TX 75234

                                there's a map (and menu) on the website

                    2. re: kuidaore

                      all of those suggestions are fine with me

                      1. re: gavlist

                        I checked the Google group link, but there's no discussion of July 9th at Bistro B. Will there be a get together?

                        1. re: guttural

                          I hope so...because I plan on being there!