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Jun 23, 2007 12:35 PM

A Nice Place For Dinner North Of I495 & South of I70

It will shortly be my son and daughter-in-laws 25th Anniversary and my wife and I have invited them and their son and our other son and his wife to dinner. I thought of The King’s Contrivance. One of my sons mentioned The King’s Contrivance has change hands and the meals run “hot and cold” (sometime good, sometime not so good). I know the North end of the State but have little or no knowledge of the area from the Washington Beltway to Interstate 70. Any recommendations for a really nice family dinner. All suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Tersiguels in downtown Ellicott City, south of Route 40. Search this board for detailed discussion. Bon appetit!

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      I agree!

      Another option would be to take over the chef's table (does it still exist) at Le Mannquin Pis if the party is small enough (8 or less). A little crowded, a little boisterous, but great stuff. It's in Olney.

    2. I've enjoyed eating at Cafe du Paris in Columbia.

      The restaurants on Columbia's Lakefront are not too bad. Jesse Wong has good Chinese. I've heard that Sushi Sono is good. Tomato Palace is just standard Italian fare. Clyde's is a pub kind of place from Georgetown.

      The restaurants at The Mall in Columbia - Cheesecake Factory, PF Chang's et al - can burn in hell.

      There's also some decent food at Hunan Manor.

      1. While I agree with most of onocoffee's suggestions about food in the area, for a 25th anniversary party, Tersiguel's is the place to be.

        1. a really nice surprise just outside of downtown annapolis is LES FOLIES BRASSERIE,
          2552 RIVA RD.,ANNAPOLIS 410 573 0970. good food,pretty authentic,and charming.

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            Having dined at Les Folies many times I agree with this rec. The owners are French and make you feel extremely comfortable. I'd say it's not as formal as Tersiguels. Although it's 20 miles east of I-495, it's an easy drive from Route 32 East to I-97 South to Riva Road.